Fall Silent – Six Years in the Desert

Fall Silent
Six Years in the Desert

My roommate thought I had gone crazy when he heard me listening to this. “Why does it all sound the same, and why are they just screaming?” he asked. At first I kind of agreed, but then again, he listens to Collective Soul.
Dubbed “the bastard grandsons of Black Flag and Black Sabbath,” the six members of Fall Silent provide a blending of punk, hardcore and metal. This album collects remixed and remastered versions of songs found on four of the band’s earlier out-of-print or vinyl-only releases, tiding fans over until the band’s next release, expected in the fall.
The first four songs all start in a similar fashion, and kind of blend together in a less-than-spectacular way. They show the band’s more hardcore side, being hard-hitting, fast-paced, and even a little generic. On the other hand, songs like “The Rulers,” “The Wheel of Pain,” “Unnecessary Decoration,” “Broke,” and “Linear” remain brutally heavy but slow down a bit, sounding a little more like metal, but not quite. There is also a live track tossed into the mix, a cover of 7 Seconds’ “Clenched Fists, Black Eyes,” which is one of the standout tracks.
There are two truly bizarre moments on this album. The first comes on the seventh track, “Sunny Days (Sesame Street),” which we all know as the Sesame Street theme song. It begins and ends as a slow rendition, much like the one heard on the television show, but in the middle lies a chugging hardcore version. The second comes on the 15th track, a punk version of Pat Benatar’s “Heartbreaker,” showing that, despite all the overt anger, these guys still have a sense of humor.
I began listening to this album thinking I wasn’t even going to be able to sit through the whole thing. By the end, I had experienced everything from laughter to downright confusion, but I made it through all 17 tracks, and was able to click repeat and listen to it all over again.