Adam Lippman – Reaching

Adam Lippman

Today must be the day to review singer/songwriter projects. Adam Lippman e-mailed in requesting his song be reviewed, as it’s part of a four-song demo recorded to proceed his first album, which he said is going to be on an indie label he’d rather not name. But Lippman is a veteran of the Connecticut rock scene, after being in a few goth-rock bands and most recently the New York staple Supple. When that band took an extended break, Lippman decided to try his hand at solo music.

Ok, so we’ll just look at one song here. I chose “Reaching” randomly and was pleased with the production quality here. The first comparison that leaped to mind was Forest For the Trees, a project that got some radio attention a few years back, but perhaps a better and more obvious comparison would be Eels. Like that band, which is formed and focused around their frontman’s vocals and a poppy yet unique rock style, “Reaching” is a pop song at heart, but it’s all about Lippman’s vocals. With an almost electronic feel, “Reaching” has one of those beats that will have you bopping around no matter where you are. Nicely flowing around that beat and some fine synthesizers, this song is catchy and very full.

Think Beck meets Eels, and you get a good idea of what Lippman’s first solo song sounds like. I like this a lot, and I’m looking forward to hearing more of Lippman’s solo work. It’s got a unique, fresh feel that I suspect will go a long ways.

Unfortunately, you’re going to have to wait to hear this song, as it’s not available on Lippman’s preliminary website. But e-mail him and ask for the link if you’re interested.