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The Scooters – Peepshow

The ScootersPeepshow I dare you to listen to this entire album and not smile at least once. At a time when so much music is filled with boring and predictable angst, it is refreshing to here a tight, catchy album that is guaranteed to put you in a better mood than you were in when you began listening. The Scooters were formed four years ago and … [Read more...]

The Red – Let’s Not and Say We Did

The RedLet’s Not and Say We DidIn one of the more bizarre releases of the year, in concept and execution rather than sound, the Red’s debut is a baffling mixture of acoustic pop-rock, tactless come-ons, and white-boy soul posturing. Creating an unholy crossroads where Robert Plant stands, shirt open from the waist up, and twists his golden locks … [Read more...]

The Postage Era – Fatal Autopsy

The Postage EraFatal AutopsyCredibility is a bitch isn't it? Credibility can just ruin a band. Credibility is the sort of thing that prompts interviewers to ask hip-hop acts about the new Radiohead album. It's the sort of thing that has deprived the entire indie scene of a decent interview with Godspeed You Black Emperor. It's this hidden, unspoken … [Read more...]

Shoes & Rider – S/T

Shoes & RiderS/TThe Dutch Courage folks call Shoes & Rider's debut album an EP, but at just over 30 minutes, it's longer than many full-lengths that come through DOA headquarters. But they are right in describing the music in these five songs "uniquely gentle." Gentle is the perfect way of describing Shoes & Rider. This four-piece plays a … [Read more...]

David Singer – The Cost of Living

David SingerThe Cost of LivingChicago's David Singer is a unique and talented songwriter with something unique to offer. How often, these days, can you say that about a musician or band, really? That's not to say he's starting an entirely new genre of music, but his mixture of styles creates something that feels fresh, and for that I thank Singer. … [Read more...]

Fontanelle – F

FontanelleFThe music on F is taken from the same recording sessions that produced Fontanelle's debut full-length album, yet somehow I like this release better. Perhaps these songs, instead of being cast-offs, were just tracks that weren't completed for the full-length or ones that didn't fit with the other chosen songs. Or it may just be that these … [Read more...]

David Fesette – S/T Demo EP

David FesetteS/T Demo EPA three-song demo packaged and promoted as if to sell the songs to other performers rather than to sell the music itself. But Fesette says this is his first solo effort, and so we're going to review this work as if intended to be a complete project. Fesette is a New Jersey musician who apparently has been playing music for … [Read more...]

Further Seems Forever – The Moon is Down

Further Seems ForeverThe Moon is DownDamn. I guess I'm out of touch with the current state of Tooth and Nail, because I never expected to hear something like The Moon is Down on this label. Then again, the last T&N release that I actually listen to on a regular basis is the 4th Anniversary Box Set, so go figure. Further Seems Forever is a … [Read more...]

No Motiv – Worcester – Worcester Palladium, MA – 2001-06-19

No MotivWhere: Worcester - Worcester Palladium, MA.When: 2001-06-19Four bands I have not been able to get enough of lately, all in one show. Somebody at Vagrant knows what they're doing. No Motiv kicked off the evening with a solid set of their unique brand of melodic punk. The crowd hadn't fully arrived yet, and those who were there took some … [Read more...]

Shannon Wright – Perishable Goods EP

Shannon WrightPerishable Goods EPThe first time I heard Shannon Wright, it was live in Austin on New Year's Eve. The stage consisted of a drum kit (manned by Brian Teasley, better know as Birdstuff from Man or Astro-Man) a keyboard (attached to a HUGE "key note visualizer"), an acoustic guitar and a microphone. I must admit, was rather skeptical. I … [Read more...]