Viva Voce – Again with Feeling

Viva Voce
Again with Feeling

Just selecting a song of the website’s list of favorites may not seem like the best idea to find a band that’s honestly indie. After all, even the indie charts has hosts of bands you’ve heard on the radio as well as styles of music you probably don’t like. But I thought I’d give it a try, and I discovered the lovely sounds of Viva Voce.

This Nashville band has a sort of lovely sound that reminds me of mid-90’s bands like the Sundays and Bettie Serveert, but they add a kind of distorted guitar-driven sound and textured rock to create something different. “Again with Feeling” starts off with a clashing, metal (the material, not the style of music) sounding drums, and textured sounds. When the lovely vocals, by Anita, come in, you start to draw the similarities to the aforementioned bands. But I’d be more compelled to link them to bands like Sonic Youth and the Breeders, just with a bit more of a shoegazing feel.

I suppose it’s possible to find a good band from a list that other people like, if you don’t let your indie sensibilities overwhelm an open mind. Viva Voce is impressive, for their pretty vocals and thicker guitars. This would definitely be something I’d like to hear more of, and I expect, from their website and their impressive discography, that we will be hearing more from them soon.