The Timothy Project – Close Enough

The Timothy Project
Close Enough

This album is Christian, yes, it talks about God, get over it. Because if you look past that fact, you’ll find extremely catchy guitar melodies that aren’t exactly poppy but will still make you bob your head with excitement. The first song “Not Good But Necessary” starts with a nice little rhythm guitar melody, and then the lead comes in as the song builds up more and more and then breaks into this beautifully loud intro. The singer’s voice is melodic, but it has a touch of somewhat raspy vocals to it. The drums leave something to be desired; they’re not bad, but they’re somewhat simplistic, I don’t know; maybe nothing else would fit with this song. After the second chorus, the bassist and one of the guitarists scream a little bit, and that’s pretty nifty sounding It’s not the best song on the CD, but it’s a nice start.
The next song, “Back to the Truth” starts with muted guitar chords and the bass behind it, and then everyone comes in and plays along while the singer sings something. There still isn’t anything spectacular about this song. It’s not awful, but it’s not great.
The next track is personally my favorite, and arguably the catchiest. It’s got an awesome drum and bass rhythm behind a nice guitar melody. Then after the second chorus, the singer has a little rap. Now most of the time that would be really stupid, and maybe it’s stupid here too, but it sounds like it would be a lot of fun to see live. And it isn’t stretched out too long to be incredibly annoying. Then the chorus again and a resonating guitar chord with some feedback at the end.
Diversity makes it’s way into the next song, and it shows that the band does indeed have more than one tempo in them, which is very nice to see. There’s a nice bass part and a cute drum thing where he messes around on the floor tom. The chorus is pretty cool too; it’s the only thing on the CD where the lyrics inspire me at all. But the song is once again a lesson in how to write an average song. The vocal harmonies and the bridge add a little bit to this song but not enough to really make up for the rest of it.
So I guess I don’t have to play-by-play the rest of the CD. It’s nice, and it’s worth the $5 I paid for it, but they’re a lot better live. It’s nice to see a band try like this, and for a first release it’s not bad. The band just has to develop it’s sound and mature.