Starlab – Green


Starlab are from Buffalo, NY. Where? Yeah, that cold city in western upstate NY that spawned the Bills. I never realized that Buffalo had such an impressive, thriving indie rock scene until I moved to Rochester, just about an hour away. It seems that Buffalo has all the best shows, with a host of unique indie rock/emo bands. Matt from Starlab contacted me shortly after I moved here with lots of great suggestions for bands and radio stations to check out, and I am extremely grateful. I’m even more grateful I downloaded this track from their latest full-length.

It appears that Starlab recorded the album It’s Ok You Can Open Your Eyes as a teaser for an upcoming EP that should garner more recognition and attention, as it will be produced by Matt Talbott of Hum fame. For a 4-track recording, however, this song has great quality. From the start of power chords and driving guitars, you get the sense that Starlab are more Fugazi fans, but suddenly the guitar gets all melodic and bass kicks in heavy, and the song has a more shoegazing feel. The vocals come in soft and whispy, and all the instruments sort of swirl together for a fantastic, spacey feel that’s developed even more when the driving guitars and female vocals come in here and there. Add to that what sounds like hints of horns (possibly keyboards?) by the end, and this song is wholeheartedly unique.

The best way to describe “Green” may be a combination of Mineral and My Bloody Valentine. Driving guitars one moment, quiet and spacey music the next. And those great, quiet, almost Hum-like vocals. I can’t wait to hear more from Starlab, and I’m lucky enough to be close by. Watch this site, as you can hear more too.

(mp3 available from band site)