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John Vanderslice – Time Travel is Lonely

John VandersliceTime Travel is LonelyThough it is admittedly rare that a concept album truly tells a cohesive story, with each song unfolding as a chapter, the idea of unifying themes over the course of a set of songs is undeniably attractive. Even though the nearly non-existent storylines of albums like Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band almost … [Read more...]

Ester Drang – Goldenwest

Ester DrangGoldenwest Ester Drang come from a long, distinguished - no, make that short, almost unnoticeable - tradition of music hailing from the great - no make that "who the hell is from there anyway" - state of Oklahoma. Their contemporaries include the Flaming Lips, and that's about all. The very first line of their press kit makes the … [Read more...]

The National Acrobat – Can’t Stop Casper Adams

The National AcrobatCan’t Stop Casper AdamsI first saw National Acrobat last year, and I thought they were cool because the singer had a unibrow. Well I was 14, what do you expect? This album is pretty cool, with intense instruments blasting in your ears and Casper Adams' vocal chords assaulting you in a sort of screaming/talking way. I think I … [Read more...]

Today – S/T EP

TodayS/T EPI feel like all I've been listening to lately is firmly grounded in stuff that's been done to death decades ago, or perhaps that just leans a bit too heavily on that material. Today, instead, reinvigorates me. This New York City band reminds me why, in my freshman year at college, I discovered that I truly loved college music. That's … [Read more...]

The Unfriendlys – Detroit – The Magic Stick, MI – 2001-05-21

The UnfriendlysWhere: Detroit - The Magic Stick, MI.When: 2001-05-21So, in all honesty, I walked into this show not really knowing anything at all about any of these bands. Well, OK, I guess that's not totally true. I know that Melody Licious, the guitarist for Stroker Ace, used to be a part of the hard-rockin' Detroit girl band Broadzilla, and … [Read more...]

Theselah – No Sleep More Fun

TheselahNo Sleep More FunThe music of Theselah is the kind of jammy indie rock that seems influenced by psychedelics as much as it is actually psychedelic. It reminds me of the early work of Sebadoh, minus the folk influence. Spacey, moody, 0and strange, if Theselah can't get you tapping your feet, they certainly will have you nodding your head. … [Read more...]

Juno – A Future Lived in Past Tense

JunoA Future Lived in Past Tense There's often a complaint that jaded music critics can ruin decent music, a statement I'm not necessarily opposed to. It's somewhat disheartening to listen to some post-collegiate 20-something shred six ways from Sunday for something unnecessarily elitist like boring chord changes. But on the other hand, I must … [Read more...]

Dear Diary – Hey Thanks for Calling the Cops on Us

Dear DiaryHey Thanks for Calling the Cops on UsAnd because I was all popped-out from Baby Jesus Big Wheel, I wandered through the post-hardcore section of and found a band whose name leaped out at me. Of course, it sounds like perhaps Dear Diary could better be your favorite emo band's name, but these guys are all about hardcore. This … [Read more...]

Saso – Warmed Up EP

SasoWarmed Up EPI couldn't figure out why I loved this EP so much. At first I thought it was just the style of quiet and moody soundscapes that has been appealing to me so lately. But many bands are doing that these days. What makes Saso different? It's the fact that the recording is truly lo-fi in nature. Much of this album was recorded in a live … [Read more...]

Ganymede – After the Fall

GanymedeAfter the FallHow old are you? Don't actually reply and tell me, because it will make me feel old. I'm not really old, but I was born in the early 70's and thus got to enjoy enough of the 70's and 80's and all the music that came with it. You surely have your own connotations for music in your grade school and middle school period, and, for … [Read more...]