Dear Diary – Hey Thanks for Calling the Cops on Us

Dear Diary
Hey Thanks for Calling the Cops on Us

And because I was all popped-out from Baby Jesus Big Wheel, I wandered through the post-hardcore section of and found a band whose name leaped out at me. Of course, it sounds like perhaps Dear Diary could better be your favorite emo band’s name, but these guys are all about hardcore. This Sarasota, Fla. band hasn’t been around very long, and their first release, a split with …And Sometimes I, isn’t even out yet. But this is a good start.

First of all, “Hey Thanks for Calling the Cops on Us” is a funny title, and I like my hardcore bands to have a bit of a sense of humor. Second, although listing their influences as leaning more heavily towards the chaotic bands like Jerome’s Dream and Saetia, this song isn’t really that out of control. It’s a nice mix of hardcore and metal, with great big power chords running throughout. But the vocals, almost yelped yet still mostly discernable, are accompanied by some nice ripping guitar that lightens the feel from those power chords. This band does remind me a bit of Saetia, now that I think of it, maybe crossed with Forstella Ford and hints of At the Drive-In mixed in. They even have some parts where they sing.

What might make this song a bit better would be dropping the metallic guitar chords. They’re not necessary, and they do tend to give the song a conflicting feel. But the rest of this song kicks ass, as does the title, so I’ll forgive this new band that minor grievance. And I’m going to bookmark their band page, checking back to find their release, because I’m expecting them to be quite good in the future.