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Weezer – S/T (The Green Album)

WeezerS/T (The Green Album)The majority of the already published reviews of this album focus on many extraneous things, which is easy to do, considering the hype that has built up around its release. You can compare the artwork of Weezer's first and third albums and the lack of actual titles. You can compare the musical style of those two albums … [Read more...]

Gerald Hawk – King of the River Canoe

Gerald HawkKing of the River Canoe I like to think I'm a fairly open-minded music critic. While it's unlikely that a picture of John Cage will show up on my nightstand any time soon, my tastes are reasonably diverse, and I try not to turn my nose up at anything without giving it a thorough listen. Occasionally, after hearing my 10th straight Guided … [Read more...]

The Timothy Project – Close Enough

The Timothy ProjectClose EnoughThis album is Christian, yes, it talks about God, get over it. Because if you look past that fact, you'll find extremely catchy guitar melodies that aren't exactly poppy but will still make you bob your head with excitement. The first song "Not Good But Necessary" starts with a nice little rhythm guitar melody, and … [Read more...]

Rufio – Save the World

RufioSave the WorldI thought maybe Rufio was placed in the emo section of by accident, as surely it should be the name of a band picking up on the Spanish pop craze. But no, this California band plays punk-style emo with hints of melodic guitar. That's right, fast, rocking drums and guitar and decent vocals that could easily switch over to … [Read more...]

Starlab – Green

StarlabGreenStarlab are from Buffalo, NY. Where? Yeah, that cold city in western upstate NY that spawned the Bills. I never realized that Buffalo had such an impressive, thriving indie rock scene until I moved to Rochester, just about an hour away. It seems that Buffalo has all the best shows, with a host of unique indie rock/emo bands. Matt from … [Read more...]

Heidi Saperstein – The Devil I Once Knew

Heidi SapersteinThe Devil I Once KnewDamn. If Heidi Saperstein once knew a devil, I'd hate to know what she was like then, because she plays like a woman possessed. To say Saperstein is edgy would be an understatement. This woman should be headlining the Lilith Fair, not because she sings about women's pride, but because she has an edge I always … [Read more...]

Alasdair Roberts – The Crook of My Arm

Alasdair RobertsThe Crook of My ArmAlasdair Roberts keeps himself busy. This Scottish artist fronts the band Appendix Out, which just released the impressive, slow-core style album The Night is Advancing. He also plays with Jason Molina in the band Songs: Ohia, which released an album fairly recently. And now he's got a solo album, released on the … [Read more...]

Lumen – The Man Felt an Iron Hand…

LumenThe Man Felt an Iron Hand… I was enamored with Lumen after listening to their first tape a while back. That's right, just a tape. Just a tease into the wonderful things that were to come. If those songs were fleshed out and recorded here, this would have been my favorite album of the year. As it is, Lumen have grown some since then, and now we … [Read more...]

Brian Gottesman – Pardon My Mess

Brian GottesmanPardon My MessImagine if Ben Folds Five actually did have a guitarist. Well, there would go their gimmick of piano but no guitar. But imagine it, and you get a good sense of Pardon My Mess. For Brian Gottesman shares Ben Folds' flare of often up-beat and rocking pop tracks that rely heavily on piano, yet Gottesman relies just as … [Read more...]

Vietnam – Austin – The Mercury @ Jazz, TX – 2001-05-24

VietnamWhere: Austin - The Mercury @ Jazz, TX.When: 2001-05-24Ah yes, another Explosions in the Sky show. I am telling you, these guys are going to take over the instrumental rock world before the year is over. I say this for two reasons: they play stunning songs and they are great guys. See, the Mercury is an 18+ venue, and my friend Walter is … [Read more...]