With Arms Still Empty – In Advance of a Broken Arm

With Arms Still Empty
In Advance of a Broken Arm

Grand Rapids, Mich.’s With Arms Still Empty seem to be unable to decide at what level their rock is going to… well…rock. The songs are blasting and furious and yet there’s this restrained quality to it. And they – gasp – sing in a hardcore song. That’s the brilliance here. For most bands, that uncertainty would harm their music, but here it works in spades.

“In Advance of a Broken Arm” is a chaotic hardcore track. This song just rips ahead, with blistering guitars and a very frenzied, fast pace. But rather than breaking into total chaos ala Combatwoundedvetern, the band maintains a tight grip on the reins. And while one person is screaming in this kind of intense, angry, guttural scream, another vocalist sings and screams with a kind of plaintive, almost desperate feel. The closest comparison would be Planes Mistaken for Stars knocked up a few notches toward Orchid. This song is long, too, with these great chugging guitars.

Nice stuff from With Arms Still Empty. No doubt this band is going for the all-out aggressive hardcore sound. But rather than rip into a chaotic, screaming mess of under 2 minutes, which gets a bit tired sometimes, this band writes a long, in-depth hardcore song and mixes the vocal styles. Don’t know much more, as their website doesn’t appear to be working, but it’s worth listening to these tracks.