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Fancie – A Negative Capability

FancieA Negative CapabilityFalling like a great wet blanket over the first buds of spring, Fancie (a.k.a. Elisabeth Wood) has crafted a complex debut album of matching torch songs and baroque folk-pop. Having first gained attention through singing backup for Kaitlyn Ni Donavan, who contributes violin to three tracks, Wood employs a deeply powerful … [Read more...]

Moods for Moderns – Loud & Clear

Moods for ModernsLoud & ClearI've been waiting for this one for a while. Those of you with incredible memories (or nothing better to do) might remember that I reviewed the three track debut EP from this band, Two Tracks Left, rather well a few months ago. The summer harmonies on that all too brief EP recalled Cheap Trick and a number of other … [Read more...]

Porter Hall – 10 Month Soundtrack

Porter Hall10 Month SoundtrackI already owned and adored albums by bands like Sunny Day Real Estate and Triplefastaction when someone told me about emo. They pushed me in the direction of bands like The Get Up Kids, Jimmy Eat World, The Promise Ring, and the Deep Elm catalog. I wouldn't say my life was changed, but I took to this blend of punk, … [Read more...]

The Trouble with Sweeney – Dear Life

The Trouble with SweeneyDear LifeThe songs that The Trouble With Sweeney writes all seem to tell a little story. Often those stories about disillusionment and loneliness (the inside artwork bears a sign saying "I am so lonely"), yet they're presented in such a way that you can't help but smile and tap your feet. It's as if head Sweeney, Joey … [Read more...]

Metroscene – First Light at Last Orders

MetrosceneFirst Light at Last OrdersFor a self-released album, this one is about as professional as they come. Metroscene says they're from Athens, Ga., but they have more in common with Brit-posters like Blur and Pulp than, say, REM. In fact, Oasis opened for Metroscene at Atlanta's Music Midtown Festival. Not a bad thing to put on your resume. … [Read more...]

For Stars – Airline People EP

For StarsAirline People EPThe Spanish label Acuarela's most accessible release for those of us in the states might just be because the band is from the states. Likely, you would have heard the name For Stars bantered about the indie rock community, as this San Francisco band has released two well-received albums and is working on a third. These … [Read more...]

Ganymede – Neon Rain EP

GanymedeNeon Rain EPIf the name Ganymede sounds like the name of some type of synthesizer to you, you're right on. Here is a group of five tracks (three versions of the title track, plus one new song and a remix of an older song) from a duo who thinks that in order to be relevant in 2001, they should look to 1985 for inspiration. Although logic may … [Read more...]

Even Johansen – Quiet & Still

Even JohansenQuiet & Still The debut release from former Chocolate Overdose and current Libido member Even Johansen, Quiet & Still generally makes good on its title. Known as Magnet in Europe, from a seemingly apocryphal incident where a doctor prescribed a tattoo depicting a magnet on his left arm to cure an iron deficiency by "attracting" it … [Read more...]

Christiansen – Above Lunar Emissions

ChristiansenAbove Lunar EmissionsCatchy guitar melodies, technical drum beats, and melodic haunting vocals form the emo machine that is Christiansen. From my hometown of Louisville, KY, they are an enormously talented four-piece band whose best work has yet to be discovered. But they're getting very close with Above Lunar Emissions. This album … [Read more...]

Rhythm of Black Lines – Home Split CD Series: Volume 3

Rhythm of Black LinesHome Split CD Series: Volume 3Post-Parlo's third volume of their split CD EP series features two predominantly instrumental bands, and again they prove to be a masterful pairing. Both Pavo and Rhythm of Black Lines are local to Austin, Texas (curiously, also home to Post-Parlo Records), and both focus on intricate … [Read more...]