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Shearwater – The Dissolving Room

ShearwaterThe Dissolving RoomLike going to bed on the first night of spring and waking up to find that you actually slept through summer, Shearwater write songs to inhabit the nightmare netherworld where ghosts take snapshots of each other and plead incessantly to not be evicted from the lowlands where they find peace. The result of a rapid … [Read more...]

Palomar Sky Survey – Are We Heading South? 7"

Palomar Sky SurveyAre We Heading South? 7"Palomar Sky Survey's track on the When it Was as Good as Pillow Talk compilation was the best surprise on the album, an almost perfect mix of emotional rock and pop. This Buffalo, NY trio apparently is taking their hometown by storm, and if any of the other bands in the city come close to the talent … [Read more...]

Sixto – S/T

SixtoS/TComposed of members of Seam and dis-, Sixto are going to draw some comparisons. Oddly enough, however, I don't want to make those comparisons. Sure, I've heard both bands, and you could stretch Sixto's sound to make it fit into those projects. But Sixto's sound, to me, is much more cold and clinical, almost electronic sounding. The band … [Read more...]

Scannerfunk – Wave of Light By Wave of Light

ScannerfunkWave of Light By Wave of LightIt's been a long time since I've heard techno, the real techno that seemed to take the underground by storm in the late 80's and is not meant so much to make raver's dance as to beguile and impress. Of those crafting that style of electronic music, Scanner (here calling himself Scannerfunk) is known as one … [Read more...]

Sunday Flood – Advisory

Sunday FloodAdvisoryEasily my favorite band off of an overwhelmingly outstanding label, Sunday Flood are the perfect combination of power and emotion without quite transcending into the more chaotic nature of hardcore. This Wisconsin trio's second full-length album, the first on SunSeaSky, combines themes of loss and frustration along with … [Read more...]

The Zambonis – Durham – Whittemore Center Arena, University of New Hampshire, NH – 2001-04-27

The ZambonisWhere: Durham - Whittemore Center Arena, University of New Hampshire, NH.When: 2001-04-27I first heard of Guster when I spent my freshman year of college in Connecticut. A friend of a friend was in a band called Rane, who had played some shows with the Boston-based Guster, and my friend, who had been a fan ever since they started out as … [Read more...]

The Devil, Probably – Austin – Texas Union Ballroom, TX – 2001-04-20

The Devil, ProbablyWhere: Austin - Texas Union Ballroom, TX.When: 2001-04-20Ah yes, yet another rock show in Austin, Texas (the self-proclaimed Live Music Capital of the World). Rather than the usual venues, this extravaganza took place on the University of Texas campus in perhaps the nicest looking "ballroom" I've ever had the pleasure to visit. … [Read more...]

Mudflap – S/T

MudflapS/TOk, these guys have a certain amount of talent. First, both singers (one male and one female) actually have decent voices, something that seems to be quite a rarity these days. Also, the band plays well together. Everyone sounds comfortable with his or her instrument, and there are no truly horrible moments. Unfortunately, there aren't … [Read more...]

Right Brigade – S/T

Right BrigadeS/TFeaturing former members of Fastbreak and Follow Through, Right Brigade has built a strong following in their home ground of Boston, thanks to a self-released demo that sold more than 1,000 copies. Made up of guitarist Mick Foss, drummer Mike Marques, bassist Josh Holden, guitarist Patrick Rorick and singer Jesse Standhard, Right … [Read more...]

Sick of it All – Yours Truly

Sick of it AllYours TrulySick of It All, a band synonymous with the NYC hardcore sound, is still going strong. There have been a few changes in the Sick of It All sound, changes that should net the boys their biggest fan base yet. Never fear though, you're not going to be screaming "sellout!" because you'll be too busy shouting along with the band. … [Read more...]