The June Spirit – And the Radio Played the Hits

The June Spirit
And the Radio Played the Hits

This is a very poppy and emotional song reminiscent of Gameface in the way that they play intense pop but lace it with great lyrics and emotional singing so that it kind of balances out the song. This keeps the song from entering the pop punk stage and keeps it on a seemingly more mature level.

“And The Radio Played The Hits” starts off with vocals and a muted guitar and then, in a traditional fashion, the song kicks in. Instead of adding breakdowns, The June Spirit changes the songs tempo from slow to fast, which coincides with the singer’s voice and feeling. It shifts the song in a nice way, flowing very smoothly. Quite shockingly, the song is about … a girl!

The band that claims to make you wanna do a two step consists of Ian Musgrove – vocals, Dave Carlson – bass, Alin Ashraf – guitar, Garrett Crouse – guitar, Jordan Crouse – drums.