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Windless Freeze – Denver – Double Entendre, CO – 2001-03-31

Windless FreezeWhere: Denver - Double Entendre, CO.When: 2001-03-31The guy who runs Double Entendre record shop is a big fan of Rainy Day Regatta. How big, you may ask? He only caught half their show at a festival and was won over completely. He began pushing their three-song tour EP to the point that this show was more crowded than any I've seen … [Read more...]

Translucent Songs – The Walking Wounded

Translucent SongsThe Walking WoundedFollowing the great critical and commercial success of the sounds captured on Radiohead’s landmark Ok Computer it’s a given that the following years would contribute their share of albums bearing the influence of that watershed release. From countless lead singers adopting an anguished Thom Yorke croon to the … [Read more...]

The Mother Hips – Green Hills of Earth

The Mother HipsGreen Hills of EarthIt's sort of comical that most bands object (one way or another) to being compared to other bands. Usually, even if the comparison is good, the band will pass off some artist bullshit like "we'd like to think that what we have is totally ours." You get the idea. Of course, the labels seem to like comparisons. … [Read more...]

Various Artists – Head in the Clouds

Various ArtistsHead in the CloudsDreamy Records is a pleasant little record label out of the UK that has a host of delightful, quiet pop bands on their roster. And with this album, you get a taste of most of them. Odds are most of these bands will be new to listeners in the states, but there are some real gems here worth hearing more from. Kirk … [Read more...]

Sorry About Dresden – How the Cold War Began EP

Sorry About DresdenHow the Cold War Began EP It wasn't that long ago that Chapel Hill, N.C. seemed to be the next hot-bed of rock, with bands like Superchunk, the Archers of Loaf, and Polvo, but that scene faded quickly, at least to those of us not from the area, in the mid- to late-90's. There's a resurgence of indie-rock bands from that area, and … [Read more...]

Midsummer – Moon Shadow EP

MidsummerMoon Shadow EPMidsummer's second EP, Moon Shadow, probably didn't have to be self-released. Their first EP, Catch and Blur, garnered enough praise and excitement that I'm sure several indie labels would have been thrilled to help release it. But Midsummer decided to do this on their own. It adds to the intrigue that this band created, in … [Read more...]

The Mercury Program – All the Suits Began to Fall Off EP

The Mercury ProgramAll the Suits Began to Fall Off EPIt's hard to imagine that The Mercury Program hails from the area of Florida known for its punk/hardcore bands like Hot Water Music and As Friends Rust. Even harder to imagine that fans of that louder style of rock could take to this band, which is so intrinsically different. Yet The Mercury … [Read more...]

Chris McFarland – As if to Lay to Rest

Chris McFarlandAs if to Lay to RestI suppose that, technically, you would classify Chris McFarland's music as folk, but I've always thought his music was so much more than that. He called his brand of music on his last album, Distance for Departure, angry folk. If that was angry folk, I'd say As if to Lay to Rest is bitter folk. But despite the … [Read more...]

thestringandreturn – Invisible City

thestringandreturnInvisible CityTo me, it seems such a shame that such moving music can cause such internal problems within a band. I say this because the first thing I learned about thestringandreturn (before I'd even listened to the disc, nonetheless) was that the band had recently broken up. (By recently, I mean that the post on … [Read more...]

The Static – Split 7"

The StaticSplit 7"The Static and Phantom Drummer may not sound, upon listening to this record, like the perfect pairing. One has a more grungy, guitar-rock sound, while the latter contributes two groovy instrumentals. But they have at least one thing in common: Pat Spurgeon, the creative force behind Phantom Drummer and sole musician for that … [Read more...]