The Chase Theory – Kamikaze

Taking over for Rory this week in writing some online music reviews, I decided to explore a while and track down some emo bands that I’ve heard on some compilations and always wanted to hear more of. One of them, The Chase Theory, also happened to be recommended by another like-minded reader, so that’s where I started.

“Kamikaze” starts off with pretty, melodic guitar that suddenly explodes into driving, grungy guitar chords, and then back into the pretty stuff. The vocals come in and push the song in a more rock direction, with powerful, chugging guitar riffs underneath lending a heavier, hard-rock edge. But throughout, the song has a definite sway to it, going from quieter and melodic to louder and harder, but it’s the flow that works for the band.

I think that flow is aided by the vocals. Singers Matthew and Danny Burke have similar voices that work very well together, and they sing together for most of the song, not really so much harmonizing as adding a thicker, more layered feel. Both have stellar rock voices that keep this song from feeling like just another melodic emo track but do manage to convey a definite depth of feeling.

The Chase Theory are an Orlando, Fla.-area band that has actually been playing for some time. A reader of DOA suggested I check them out, and their songs on make me want to hear their album. The songs all go from more melodic to a heavier sound with that vocal approach that keeps things on a more straight-forward yet unique and refreshing rock sound.