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Paloma – Take Care of Me EP

PalomaTake Care of Me EPPaloma, the brainchild of Laurent Vaissiére, is one of those bands that is most definitely influenced by the return of the folk/soft rock sound. Think of bands like Songs: Ohia and Will Oldham. But Paloma also spices things up enough to break away from that sound, striving at times for a more indie-rock feel ala the … [Read more...]

Aim of Conrad – Faultline Fracture

Aim of ConradFaultline FractureSearching around for other viable means of connecting with unsigned or non-major label bands turned out to be an annoying task at best. I did, however, find the site, which seems to be a place for bands to place a little bio about themselves with links to songs as well as their homepages. There are a ton … [Read more...]

Winechuggers – Thank You All Very Much EP

WinechuggersThank You All Very Much EPAfter starting the record with a weak opening track called "Trick Cigar," one might be prompted to pass this over, but you'd be making a mistake. Hit 'skip' and move on, because there are five more memorable tunes on there. Very rarely do I get an EP and wish it was a full length, but this is certainly one of … [Read more...]

Noahjohn – Had a Burning

NoahjohnHad a BurningIt may be incredibly dumb and short sighted of me, but today, in the middle of February, I'm anointing Noahjohn's Had a Burning, my favorite album of 2001. Sure, there are over 310 more days on the calendar to change my mind, but I'm not holding my breath that something is going to come along and knock it out of my stereo any … [Read more...]

The Red Telephone – Cellar Songs

The Red TelephoneCellar SongsCellar Songs is the Boston-based band The Red Telephone's second full-length album. The first was released on Warner Bros., an experience that turned out so bad as major label deals so often seem to do that the band is now releasing their music on their own label. It's easy to hear why this band would appeal to the … [Read more...]

The Red Scare – Strangers Die Everyday

The Red ScareStrangers Die EverydayThe first time I saw The Red Scare live, I thought they were the best instrumental hardcore band, which was, in itself, an interesting concept. It seemed the mic wasn't working, and although the lead singer was screaming away, the music was too loud to allow his voice to be heard. But I didn't mind, because, … [Read more...]

The Summer in Between – S/T EP

The Summer in BetweenS/T EPThis may just be my new favorite band, although I'm not sure if I'm in love with this EP more for the artwork or the music. But the music is what you care about, so we'll talk about that. The Summer in Between is Brian Cunningham and Jeanie Shim-Maruta, formerly known as Origami. Together, the two dabble in loops and … [Read more...]

Rocket From the Crypt – Group Sounds

Rocket From the CryptGroup SoundsI have a theory that every band has a lifespan, and that overreaching that span only means a kind of tiredness and rehashing of an old sound in a modern time. In my opinion, at least, it's been seen in all the greats, from U2 to REM to The Rolling Stones and so on. Their later albums, recorded a decade or more after … [Read more...]

The Wunder Years – Pitstops on the Road Less Travelled

The Wunder YearsPitstops on the Road Less TravelledA while back, a reader e-mailed me about The Wunder Years. They were the best California punk band going right now, the e-mail basically said. And so I tracked the band down and have been enjoying both this full-length and their previous 7". And the reader may be right. This is quite likely the … [Read more...]

Labradford – fixed::context

Labradfordfixed::context Somewhere between the ambient sleep-inducing drones and stripped-down guitar of pop music lies the netherworld explored by Labradford. Their music is blissful subconscious music, a swirling blend of electronic drones and guitar elements. The sound is practically alive despite its electronic origination, and listeners be … [Read more...]