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Inside Five Minutes
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Inside Five Minutes plays a unique brand of hard, loud, intense rock music. What’s that you ask – what makes them stand out from the zillions of other bands that play hard, loud and intense rock? The answer is simple – I5M is one of the few bands to play it right. The band has it all: groove-inspired riffs, crisp guitar sounds, monsterous bass work, driving vocals and drumming tighter than a fitness model’s rear end.
I5M makes this incredibly obvious within the first 30 seconds of the CD. “Ten Cigarettes” leads off the disc at a frenzied pace, with wicked guitar pieces meshed with gravely vocals and some ‘Wow!’ bass fills that combine to form a storming rock track. “What Cha Given To Me” offers a brief time-out from the hurricane, starting off with a downright nasty drum-and-bass effort before a slick guitar line catapults the song into more driving territory. The track breaks down into mantra-like vocals accompanied by tight dual-guitar pieces that eventually growl back to a powerful groove. “Olympians” is a dirty-sounding track with more infectious grooves to each of the song’s distinct sections (and some nice lead guitar licks, to boot).
“Nervous Witch” is a seven-minute dirge that meanders with brooding guitars and more solid bass work before turning around with a loud, coarse guitar buildup. The bassline then accelerates, throttling the entire song into a rousing close. “Divination” is another ‘groover’ that slows to a feedback-induced stupor before jarring into another thick wall of guitar sounds. “Send the Beggar” is the calm point of the disc, a quiet, well-structured number showcasing the vocals that throughout the disc somehow remain powerfully intense during both whispers and shouts.
“Mantle” is carried by a wandering bass part that just has to be heard to be believed. The track grooves before falling into a noise abyss, ending with an intense scream that leads to another nice set of lead guitar licks to end the track. “Raven’s Flight” is a short burst of rock bravado, and “On the Roadside” is another slightly off-beat rocker with a solid chorus and another run of tasty lead guitar licks to wind the track down.
The disc’s final track, “Junkies and Ex-Girlfriends,” starts off as another thick-sounding, groove-laden guitar powered track that takes a marvelous and completely unexpected turn. About three minutes in, the rhythm slows for a guest appearance by blues guitarist Eddie Vaygus, who fills most of the next 3 ½ minutes noodling out intense blues guitar leads over some more ‘ridiculous-it’s-so-good’ bass. The rhythm guitars and drums slowly build up behind the solo, leading the disc to a crunching end.
Not to blow off the obvious talent of the band members, but the real stories here are the varied structures within each individual song and the band’s reputation for tight live shows. Any fan of solid rock music should make it a point to get a copy of Stately Chaos Home.