ENIAC – Adder Seafarer

Adder Seafarer

Eniac had a song on the last edition of Deep Elm’s Emo Diaries, and I remember liking their moments of hushed, contemplative sound contrasted by a louder emo dynamic. I think I fell in love with “Adder Seafarer” right at the beginning. It started off with the most quiet, lovely melodic guitar, and just when you get lulled into a safe sense of calm, the song explodes.

I wasn’t expecting the lyrics to be so in-your-face, but I think it works. The guitars are much more driving, and the vocals are slightly gruff, but not too hoarse. The song takes on a much more aggressive feel, with powerful guitars and loud vocals, hovering in that post-hardcore genre of rock. Really, though, it’s the music that makes this good. Reminding me a lot of the heavier Mineral or Penfold style, this song really rocks.

The only problem with “Adder Seafarer” is the production. I keep thinking that if I could only hear the vocals a bit better they’d work better for me in the song.