Aim of Conrad – Faultline Fracture

Aim of Conrad
Faultline Fracture

Searching around for other viable means of connecting with unsigned or non-major label bands turned out to be an annoying task at best. I did, however, find the site, which seems to be a place for bands to place a little bio about themselves with links to songs as well as their homepages. There are a ton of bands, but the page seems to serve just as a listing. Well, it’s a start for this week’s column.

Which brings us to Aim Of Conrad, just a band picked at random who actually has a working mp3 link. But alas, my search for music brought me back to where, yes, to They’re like the Mafioso of internet music. (I have yet to use Napster, and no I have no idea why.)

Aim Of Conrad is a post-punk outfit hailing from Philadelphia, Pa. They have a strong DC influence in their sound, which is exhibited in “Faulting Fracture.” Although they don’t rely on this style throughout the whole song, they kick in some nice melodic parts that enable the song to flow.

They initially remind of early Bluetip, but Aim Of Conrad has a more diverse influence. They have the ability to switch over to pop punk and melodic sing-along parts. A slow emotional breakdown and violent start-up allow this transition to occur practically pain free.

Their website is incredibly designed with a lot of crazy shit going on. They have a nice layout, and it has the most content I have come across yet.