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Kind of Like Spitting – One Hundred Dollar Room

Kind of Like SpittingOne Hundred Dollar RoomI've always reserved a special respect for the musician who can be counted upon for a constant flow of reliable and quality musical product. No matter how great the output of artists like Radiohead or Weezer has been, it can get a little frustrating waiting for them to release new material, almost as if … [Read more...]

Stephen Malkmus – S/T

Stephen MalkmusS/TThe notion of a Stephen Malkmus album is still somewhat of a foreign concept to me, despite the fact that I'm holding the jewel case and listening to the album. After all, for a decade Malkmus and Pavement were not only the poster-boys of indie rock, they were a tower of undefinable mythology on par with at least Zeus. The band … [Read more...]

ENIAC – Adder Seafarer

ENIACAdder SeafarerEniac had a song on the last edition of Deep Elm's Emo Diaries, and I remember liking their moments of hushed, contemplative sound contrasted by a louder emo dynamic. I think I fell in love with "Adder Seafarer" right at the beginning. It started off with the most quiet, lovely melodic guitar, and just when you get lulled into a … [Read more...]

The Chase Theory – Kamikaze

The Chase TheoryKamikazeTaking over for Rory this week in writing some online music reviews, I decided to explore a while and track down some emo bands that I've heard on some compilations and always wanted to hear more of. One of them, The Chase Theory, also happened to be recommended by another like-minded reader, so that's where I … [Read more...]

Schwervon – Quick Frozen Small Yellow Cracker

SchwervonQuick Frozen Small Yellow CrackerSchwervon is something of a side project for Major Matt of Major Matt Mason USA and Nan Turner of the girl-band Bionic Finger. Featuring just Matt on electric guitar - a noticeable change from his acoustic and more mellow solo project - and Nan on drums, these songs do have a bare-bones feel to them. But … [Read more...]

The Rocking Horse Winner – State of Feeling Concentration

The Rocking Horse WinnerState of Feeling ConcentrationA few years ago, it seemed that every band suddenly had a female singer. There were more female singers than male, it appeared. And everywhere we were treated to one gorgeous female voice that outdid the last. In the realm of indie rock, however, the appearance of female singers for rock bands - … [Read more...]

Migala – Arde

MigalaArdeThe Spanish band Migala's third album, Arde (It Burns in Spanish), is a work of brilliant quiet and contemplative rock. Ranking along the best of bands like Smog, Songs: Ohia, and Drunk, Migala plays a style of music that is very precise and folk-influenced while featuring an even greater range of instrumentation than the above musicians. … [Read more...]

Malachai – I Buy Alcohol for Minors 7"

MalachaiI Buy Alcohol for Minors 7" This is a pretty amusing slab of soulful, classic rock-influenced garage rock. And I don't mean amusing because the rock isn't serious, but it was a shock to hear something that seems more influenced by the bluesy rock of the 70's than Pavement and Built to Spill. These guys are just belting out the rock, … [Read more...]

Fred Savage Fanclub – Jelly Beans with Belly Buttons

Fred Savage FanclubJelly Beans with Belly ButtonsThere's only one member of the Fred Savage Fanclub, at least the band. I'd like to think the former child star has a bigger fanclub than just one, but the band is composed of only Sara Radle, who also plays for the band Lucy Loves Schroeder. As a completely solo project, you might expect acoustic … [Read more...]

Face to Face – Standards and Practices

Face to FaceStandards and PracticesThis, my friends, is a CD reviewer's dream - a disc with no pretenses, no stories, and no fancy concepts to unravel. Here we have music in its finest form - a band with no gimmicks playing the songs that influenced them to become the musicians they are today ... and for the most part, it works. By far, the … [Read more...]