We Talked About Murder – ST EP

You know band and label names are getting scarce when you have to use phrases. But if you put the label and band name together here, you get a complete sentence: Has anyone ever told you we talked about murder? Er, sorry, that’s just a tangent.
We Talked About Murder must love rock. You can hear it in every ripping guitar riff, in the energy they put into their vocals, in the power drumming that gets this CD really rocking. I can’t help but hear the influences of classic Zeppelin and Who when I listen to this album. But, really, this is a modern work of post-hardcore rock. Combine some emo melodicism, some hardcore riffs and intensity, punk-rock energy, and indie rock sensibility, and you get a nice mixture that makes up this release. But don’t forget about the rock, because every song here rocks hard.
The album starts off with probably the best track, the killer rock track “Victimology” that owes as much to Braid as Fugazi and mingles in emo, indie rock, and bits of classic guitar-riff rock-n-roll. The thing that amazes me most here, however, is the drumming, which is solid on the entire album but really takes over this song. I’m floored every time I hear it, and it’s not often drumming can do that to you. Oh, and the hoarse singing that turns into screaming is a great touch. “Leann” starts off with some more melodic guitar that would almost sound emo if it didn’t have such rough, edgy edges. Instead, it gives this slightly quieter song more of an emphasis. And the vocals here, which are much smoother, work well for this style. “Racecar” has a bit more of an urgent appeal, with vocals layered under more melodic guitar interspersed with moments of shouts and punk-rock style. “Jargon” has those emo-core elements that works so well for bands like Lazycain and Fugazi, those elements of harsh almost-shouts and melodic guitars under powerful drums and bass. And the closer, “Hot Stagnant Water,” has a kind of old-school punk feel, when it was more rock-based. The guitars rip off powerful chords while the rhythm leads the way, and the singers’ vocals sound almost in the background to the noise and quieter moments. Nice.
We Talked About Murder features members of The Search for Saturnalia, another Austin, Texas band. This actually reminds me a bit more of Saturnalia’s first album, which shows off the rough edges and embraces them for the crunchy guitar riffs and energy they provide. We Talked About Murder clearly shows off their stylistic influences, and they manage to mix those styles to create an album that’s powerful and impressive. And it’s sheer rock-n-roll from the start.