Two Weeks From Tomorrow – Perfect You

I’m guessing that Two Weeks From Tomorrow are from New Jersey, although the band’s website is a bit vague on details regarding the band itself. I often wonder why bands bother having a website when the site only lists show dates and where to buy their albums. But that’s the point, to sell the album. I’d like to see more bios and stories and journals and things, but beggars can’t be choosers. Regardless, this band sounds in the same vein of another Jersey band, Penfold.

“Perfect You” is undoubtedly emo, from start to finish, but it’s the kind of emo that harkens back to Texas is the Reason and Hum rather than poppy The Get Up Kids or sometimes dirgeful Cross My Heart. Starting slow, with some nice melodic guitar lines, it leads you into thinking this is going to be another whiney emo song. But, thankfully, it picks up fairly quickly, with multiple driving guitars and hints of the more melodic sense. Yet this isn’t Mineral, kids. This band rocks, with vocals that go from fairly well sung to just on the edge of shouting, but they never cross that border. There is the requisite melodic emo breakdown in the middle, but the bass is laid on thick, and so it doesn’t get too much into the “look what we can do” category of noodling.

This song goes on and on, perhaps a bit too long, but overall, I really dig it. It’s nice to hear a band that remembers when emo was more about rock than layers of melodic guitar lines and whining. This band doesn’t whine, and they definitely rock. Perhaps take early Texas Is the Reason and combine it with more recent Penfold to get a good sense of what these guys are about.