The Rebel Astronauts – Aeroplane Drops Parachute By Night EP

The Rebel Astronauts
Aeroplane Drops Parachute By Night EP

If music could evoke visions of flight and space travel, The Rebel Astronauts would certainly be masters at doing so. They obviously don’t refrain from the flight allusions, both in band name and album title. And their music complies with those images, taking on a very lofty and soaring quality that evokes comparisons to Antarctica, Hum, and My Bloody Valentine.

I think the band’s best qualities show up on the instrumental “Dux Episcop,” a wonderful, swirling track that follows a heady bass line throughout this slightly jazzy, melodic and powerful track. Halfway through, it mellows out a bit more and takes on a more chimey and atmospheric quality that can be slightly similar to Tristeza’s sound.

The remaining tracks incorporate elements of the first song with more of a fuzzed-out, spacey sound, all with vocals that at times seem to blend with the music. “Pistols Smoke Like Cigars” is downright gorgeous, starting off very melodic and thick and picking up as the vocals come in. In the vocals and the echoed effect of the backing vocals, I definitely hear a Pink Floyd style, a very big sound, that would only be more fitting if the vocals didn’t break on the higher notes. In a building wash of guitars, you can pick up some nice melodic guitar, and this intensity ends too quick. But that fuzzed-out, textured guitar picks back up on “Comic Killers,” which again showcases some nice, thick bass in the quieter moments. The vocals don’t work very well here, at times breaking and sounding strained when they should be quiet and melodic, but they don’t distract from the song. Unfortunately, the vocals are distracting on the quieter “Might Get Out,” which relies heavily on them and bass-heavy guitar. The band’s ballads obviously don’t work as well, but there is a nice, quiet moodiness relayed here.

This band clearly has a lot of talent, and this is really their first release that’s more than a 7″ single. Although there are some rough spots, namely in some slightly inconsistent vocals, this band has me very excited. Soaring indie rock meets elements of shoe-gazer atmosphere and fuzzed out guitars for a beautiful and powerful sound. I’m very impressed, and I’d be most excited to hear their full-length.