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Sadie Hawkins – Looking Glass

Sadie HawkinsLooking GlassSadie Hawkins hails from the far off land of Canada. I tried to figure out how many members are in the band, but the pictures on the page are useless. They're nice live shots but utterly useless in figuring out the amount of people in this band. Most of the site is still under construction, so a bio of the band isn't … [Read more...]

Jesse Perkins – S/T

Jesse PerkinsS/TWith each passing day, it becomes harder and harder to accept what is currently masquerading in our collective consciousness as the singer-songwriter movement. Popularly, I think the term is now somewhat indistinguishable from those of “adult contemporary,” which are dirty words, indeed. In short, for every Steve Earle or Lucinda … [Read more...]

Various Artists – Who Cares: A Tribute to the Who

Various ArtistsWho Cares: A Tribute to the WhoIt occurred to me not too long ago that even though I've been reviewing records for Delusions of Adequacy for over a year now, I've never had the pleasure ( ? ) of reviewing a compilation - a tribute or otherwise. Hence, I had to put some thought into just how a compilation, and especially a tribute … [Read more...]

Two Weeks From Tomorrow – Perfect You

Two Weeks From TomorrowPerfect YouI'm guessing that Two Weeks From Tomorrow are from New Jersey, although the band's website is a bit vague on details regarding the band itself. I often wonder why bands bother having a website when the site only lists show dates and where to buy their albums. But that's the point, to sell the album. I'd like to see … [Read more...]

The White Stripes – De Stijl

The White StripesDe Stijl Guitar + Drums + Blues = White Stripes' De Stijl. I was always terrible with math, but one thing I do know is that the equation for the White Stripes' De Stijl adds up to an incredible listening experience, as Detroit duo Jack and Meg White serve up everything from driving blues anthems to tender pop nuggets. "You're … [Read more...]

No Means No – One

No Means NoOneWARNING: If you're not into dirges, then stop right here - do not pass go, and do not collect $200. Instead, go directly to your local indie record store and instead pick up No Means No's "Sex Mad/You Kill Me" or "Wrong," which has been referred to as the "ultimate jazz-core" album. Otherwise, continue reading at your leisure. No … [Read more...]

Red Shirt Brigade – Mock Election and the Post Selection EP

Red Shirt BrigadeMock Election and the Post Selection EPThe Red Shirt Brigade's music is a snapshot of everything that is right with the world of indie pop music today. Melodic, intricate guitar parts, gloriously harmonic backing vocals, and an endless supply of cool Casio keyboard parts make Mock Election and the Post Selection one of Detroit's … [Read more...]

Pylon – S/T EP

PylonS/T EPPylon follow the more recent trend of bands to take the -core out of emo-core and replace it with a -pop. Bands like The Promise Ring, The Get Up Kids, Jimmy Eat World have all gone away from the crunchy guitars and wails for a more pop-based focus, and this UK-based band is doing the same with good results. The band plays their style … [Read more...]

Shady Side – Apryl Story

Shady SideApryl StoryI hate Iuma, well hate is a strong word, but navigating through that site is quite annoying. Everything is just mashed together. They don't really break down into genres too much. I'm just bitching right now because if I'm in the mood for hardcore, country western shouldn't be showing up on my screen. Anyway, I found Shady … [Read more...]

Gift Anon – Story to Be Told

Gift AnonStory to Be ToldA nice mellow, melodic, sappy song about the future and how our past activities affect it. Along the lines of Chamberlain, "Story to Be Told" starts out with a slow tempo and a cross breeding of guitars that performs a melodic accompaniment to emotional vocals. Sung intensely and emotionally, Jason (vocals) lets go of … [Read more...]