Luckie Strike – Future is Turning EP

Luckie Strike
Future is Turning EP

Luckie Strike aren’t breaking any new ground on Future is Turning. Their brand of punk and rock is definitely not unique, but we can’t expect every band to be completely unique. After all, if you like catchy, fast-paced punk-pop, you like a lot of bands, not just the one or two that started the genre. And if you fall into that category, you should definitely check this band out, because they do it very well.
What makes Luckie Strike stand out the most, at least in my mind, is the female vocals. Sure, they’re not the only band in this genre to have a female singer, but her vocals are perfect, not too cute and not too in-your-face. And with backing vocals from the male members of this band (and other bands on one song here), these songs are damn catchy and fun. Sure, the drumming is the typical pop-punk style, but the guitarwork is adequate, and the songs are catchy enough to keep you bopping and not caring if it sounds a little too familiar.
“Slightly Stoopid” starts things off in very familiar territory, a kind of sped-up punk-rock track with a serious catchy melody. What keeps this one from falling into the tedium of punk rock is the vocals, very catchy and nice. “Cruise Control” starts off slow and moody before launching into a fast-paced yet catchy and fun track. “How the Story Goes” has a bit more unique sound, more bouncy and poppy and almost hinting, likely teasingly, at a more bouncy countrified sound. I like this one a lot. It also has backing vocals from members of Diesel Boy, Link 80, Little Tin Frog, and Tsunami Bomb. “4 Years” is relatively anonymous, and I’d tend to skip over it to get to the damn cool Elvis Costello cover, “Radio, Radio.” This one has a pop sense true to the original but a definite punk edge that makes it a lot of fun! And the band finishes up with “Alice,” a fun track with some killer bass. The vocals totally remind me of Save Ferris here, but it works for them, perhaps because this band is truer to a punk aesthetic than Save Ferris.
Yeah, you’re going to know if you like this before you even hear it. This is the kind of stuff you hear at the Warped Tour and on the Fat Wreck label, only even a bit more poppy and slightly less punky, perhaps. But it’s good stuff, fun and bouncy and playful. A nice introduction to this band.