Gift Anon – Story to Be Told

Gift Anon
Story to Be Told

A nice mellow, melodic, sappy song about the future and how our past activities affect it. Along the lines of Chamberlain, “Story to Be Told” starts out with a slow tempo and a cross breeding of guitars that performs a melodic accompaniment to emotional vocals.

Sung intensely and emotionally, Jason (vocals) lets go of some poetically written lyrics:

Don’t you think it’s scary
that what you do today
will be written down and
told to your children’s children
I do

The song rides along a steady beat throughout the 6-minute song, building up at the end to a greater intensity right before the fade out ending. Story to be told is a beautifully written song. Gift Anon is currently working on their Webpage. As of now, it contains some nice photos of the recording that are in some guys basement (how DIY), various news and show info.