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12 Oz. Rebels – Bring Back the 30 Pack

12 Oz. RebelsBring Back the 30 PackStreet punk from the Columbus, Ohio area. This is song is heavily in the vein of the Casualties - they even have the heavy alcohol references. Picture "Alcohol is My Way of Life" done in an Ohio way. Don't get me wrong, 12 Oz. Rebels has their own special feel in this vein of music, but street punk can easily fall … [Read more...]

Feef – Holy Modes of Transport

FeefHoly Modes of TransportThis song starts off real slow with the vocals accompanying a drumbeat, and it pretty much seems to stay that way. The music comes in the background faintly, and it is sometimes offbeat but actually seems to fit. "Holy Modes Of Transport" stays on this monotone track throughout its three-minute time. Just enough to not … [Read more...]

Mt. St. Helens – Onetime Always

Mt. St. HelensOnetime AlwaysThe first thing I'd like to point out about Mt. St. Helens is the "Boston" rule: Never name your band after a specific geographic location, or you run the risk of sucking. Didn't these guys think about this? Cases in point: America, Europe, Asia, Chicago, Kansas, Alabama, Styx? (Well, Styx is a mythical geographic … [Read more...]

The Ex-Hustlers – Dirty Haiku

The Ex-HustlersDirty Haiku Sometimes it's the music reviewer's lot in life to feel like a 10th grade English teacher who has a stack of papers to grade: you know your job is highly arbitrary, probably influenced way too much by your biases, and arguably irrelevant. Most of the grades you give out are probably not exactly glowing, but you try to … [Read more...]

Grandaddy – The Sophtware Slump

GrandaddyThe Sophtware SlumpHipster-hyped bands are sort of like new cars - they depreciate in value the second you drive them off the lot, no matter how shiny they are or how well the run. The reason for this is somewhat logical: hip people hype bands that they see as "below the radar" or "obscure" but have somehow managed to escape the focus of … [Read more...]

The Killing Flame – Another Breath

The Killing FlameAnother Breath There's something about bands like this that appeal directly to a target audience. You have that fast-paced metal meets punk hardcore-style of rock with all those political posturing and a lot of energy. What you're missing, however, is the emotion. In many ways, Another Breath reminds me of Boy Sets Fire's The Day … [Read more...]

The Januaries – S/T

The JanuariesS/T The Januaries may be perfect complement to the band New Wet Kojak and also this band's polar opposite. Both bands make their mark by perfecting the ability to incorporate unbridled sensuality and libido into their music, but while New Wet Kojak do it with a kind of grimy and smoky sleaze, The Januaries do it with an aesthetic of … [Read more...]

Nitpickers – S/T

NitpickersS/TAll stereotypes aside, Nitpickers write music for white-trash. In their own unique style of bluegrass, country, and bluesy rock, this band has crafted an album's worth of dry wit and sardonic tales about hard times and broken relationships. Yes, country music has the cliché of being entirely about losing your wife and shooting … [Read more...]

Third Harmonic Distortion – S/T / Ex Animo

Third Harmonic DistortionS/T / Ex AnimoWhile I was (unsuccessfully) trying to prepare my reviews this weekend, my dad popped my copy of American Beauty into the VCR. Of course, my attention span being about as big as the average two-year-old's, my brain quickly changed directions, and I watched the movie without a second thought of my futile … [Read more...]

The Rebel Astronauts – Aeroplane Drops Parachute By Night EP

The Rebel AstronautsAeroplane Drops Parachute By Night EPIf music could evoke visions of flight and space travel, The Rebel Astronauts would certainly be masters at doing so. They obviously don't refrain from the flight allusions, both in band name and album title. And their music complies with those images, taking on a very lofty and soaring … [Read more...]