Transitional – Not Even the Most Condescending Form of Noblesse Oblige EP

Not Even the Most Condescending Form of Noblesse Oblige EP

This is weird stuff. Blazing punk-like guitars overlap swirling, spacey synths that lend the songs a kind of new-wave sound for the next millennium. And with female vocals all high-speed and frantic, these songs are truly unique. In some ways, they remind me of a Japanese band, probably because of the vocals, but they’re all-American. And maybe sounds like this can only be produced in America. Think the dark sounds of Unwound, the synths of a band like Satisfact, and a little Europop quality thrown in.

“Remission Impossible” starts off with a strong rock sense, guitars blazing away over thick bass lines, and suddenly it becomes high-speed pop, with the female vocals coming in shout-sung style. The song takes a faster beat, the guitars still blazing away, and keyboards making a surreal backdrop. This reminds me a bit of Elastica, only with better guitars and stranger vocals. “Unlimited Refill” is an ultra-spacey instrumental, with very cool, melodic synthesizers that set a lush pace along with crisp guitars and drumwork, all with swirling sounds flashing in and out. “Art of Self Defeat” is just crazy, a fast-paced burst of angry guitars, an almost funky beat, and those shouted vocals that now make me think of a more toned down band like Atari Teenage Riot. Wow, that’s cool. “Anamorphosis” is just dark, very dark. The vocals are slower and angrier, almost frightening, made more so by some eerie keyboards and a wash of background noise for this mid-paced track. But it has more of a sense of melody than the other tracks, and it lends it more of an attractive quality.

I have no idea what genre Transitional would fall in, and I’m guessing the band wouldn’t know either. Maybe some new mix of noise-core-futuristic-new-wave-pop. Anyway, this is very cool, heavy stuff, full of space-like noises, angst-filled guitar riffs, in-your-face vocals, and a dark tone. An interesting band to check out.