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Transitional – Not Even the Most Condescending Form of Noblesse Oblige EP

TransitionalNot Even the Most Condescending Form of Noblesse Oblige EPThis is weird stuff. Blazing punk-like guitars overlap swirling, spacey synths that lend the songs a kind of new-wave sound for the next millennium. And with female vocals all high-speed and frantic, these songs are truly unique. In some ways, they remind me of a Japanese band, … [Read more...]

Sexytiger – Half Surprised

SexytigerHalf SurprisedThis song was e-mailed to me with no other words than "Sexytiger, Half Surprised mp3, take care." So I go to the Mp3 site to investigate, and what do I find? Nothing (other than the obvious Mp3). No picture, no links, nada. I was extremely curious as to what the hell Sexytiger was, and I have to admit I was really … [Read more...]

Five Stars for Failure – Last Words

Five Stars for FailureLast WordsThis song, to me, is what the after-effects of Fugazi/DC-influenced hardcore sounds like, although now I think people lump it into the post-hardcore section of the underground Dewey Decimal System. It has the characteristic choppy, semi-screaming vocals with mild, melodic hardcore music. The music is slow, … [Read more...]

Weave – Party on the Sideline EP

WeaveParty on the Sideline EPIt’s hard to write a review of a power pop album that says anything that isn’t conveyed by the words “power pop.” Two guitars, bass, drums, vocals and big pop melodies, need I say more? Still, there can be a lot of difference between a good power pop band and a mediocre one. For every Big Star or Raspberries there’s a … [Read more...]

Raccoons – S/T

RaccoonsS/TWhat is music, anyway? On Delusions of Adequacy, we mostly review stuff that falls in or near the category of rock-n-roll. But rock is a recent phenomenon, whereas music dates back almost as long as the human being has been capable of speaking and using tools. Music is as diverse as culture and taste, varying almost infinitely as … [Read more...]

Kind of Like Spitting – You Secretly Want Me Dead

Kind of Like SpittingYou Secretly Want Me DeadKind of Like Spitting used to be the project of Ben Barnett, an Oregon native who did the whole singer/songwriter thing. He wrote terribly lovely songs that were soft and intimate yet quite beautiful and powerful at the same time. Somewhere down the line, Barnett added some other musicians, who … [Read more...]

Helms – The Swimmer

HelmsThe Swimmer I've listened to The Swimmer several times now, and none of these songs stick in my head. I can never remember them afterwards. Does that mean they're not good? No, rather it means they're not simple, catchy pop music. These songs are much more complex than that, both lyrically and musically. I'd challenge you to find yourself … [Read more...]

Acrobat Down – Denver – The Bluebird Theater, CO – 2000-12-09

Acrobat DownWhere: Denver - The Bluebird Theater, CO.When: 2000-12-09Have you ever been to a show to see the headlining band and had the opening acts steal the show? That's what happened tonight. It was the perfect night to see a few power-pop bands. The under-21 kids were up in the balcony, meaning the main bar downstairs with the good beer was … [Read more...]

Kind of Like Spitting – Denver – Double Entendre, CO – 2000-12-06

Kind of Like SpittingWhere: Denver - Double Entendre, CO.When: 2000-12-06If you know Kind of Like Spitting's music, you likely realize that the band is primarily Oregon native Ben Barnett. On many of his releases, all you get is Barnett's often-breaking, emotional voice accompanied by his acoustic guitar. Even the songs that incorporate drums and … [Read more...]

F.O.C.U.S. – Fall From Grace

F.O.C.U.S.Fall From GraceI discovered this band on the Mp3 punk charts after searching through a ton of groups that basically formed the same high school band just using a different name. You know, the snotty pop punk, Blink 182, high school crush-esgue bands. I was even in one in high school (I am only telling you lovely people this because I'm … [Read more...]