Fire Squad Punks – Hangover

This week, we go from heavy chaotic hardcore to snotty pop punk, from one end of the hardcore spectrum to the polar opposite punk side (In sound, I mean, not in ideology).

The Fire Squad Punks have a very Screeching Weasel, Squirtgun type of poppy, fuck-you sound, which, unlike thousands upon thousands of bands, they can actually pull off.

“Hangover” starts out with chunky, power chord guitar parts but has a nice melody backing it up. The vocals come in, taking over the melody, and the whiny, snotty vocals add to the overall attitude and sound of the song. Yes, for all you who are worried, the Fire Squad Punks actually have the staple “Woo Ooh’s” in the background vocals.

The lyrics (From what I can figure out) deal with waking up with, surprise, a hangover. Listening to this at my desk at work, I put the volume up a little. As soon as my boss came around, Pip (lead vocals and guitar) shouts out: “Why are my butt cheeks all red / Who’s that laying in my bed?

Needless to say, I made a great impression upon him.

The rest of the band is Adam Brungardt (guitar), Joe Wesley (bass), and James Wesley (drums). Their webpage has Fire Squads’ very own radio station and various other stuff, including surveys (they are letting the fans choose the name of the album), bios, shows, and all that jazz.

Fire Squad Punks’ song “Hangover” makes me remember my old High School Days of Alcohol and Punk Rock. Well, it’s still pretty much the same today.