Various Artists – One Bag, Two Lumps, Three Cozies

Various Artists
One Bag, Two Lumps, Three Cozies

Beggars Banquet – You have entered the presence of the Almighty Compilation Disk High Executioner! Today none shall be spared!
Badly Drawn Boy, “Once Around the Block” – It sounds like a Cristopher Cross outtake, but that’s just me.
Nigo, “Freediving” – Relaxing elecro-pop song, the sort of thing Folk Implosion likes to do.
Mojave 3, “Any Day Will Be Fine” – Gee whiz, this sounds like Folk Implosion too, only with horns.
Brassy, “Work It Out” – Chick- rock that you might hear and enjoy at a dance club, but you won’t remember it the next day.
The Cult, “Go Go Guru” – A barely recognizable riff from Electric, this time with a drum machine, most likely a demo.
Laika, “Uneasy” – A sexy electronica number, certainly worth checking out more.
Buffalo Tom, “Going Underground” – Good stuff from these ‘woulda-coulda-shoulda’ poster boys, I hope people buy this.
The Delgados, “No Danger” – A sing along number that has children, indeed, singing along, and while it had me groaning “BORING” at the start it definitely built up to something cool. The disk’s high point.
Divine Styler, “Hajji” – Decent rap number, this one.
Tommy Guerrero, “100 Years” – Slow, sleepy electronic music; If this is the future of rock, I’ll pass.
Natacha Atlas, “Duden” – Just like the previous song, “X-Files” music.
Sgt. Rock, “We’re In Heaven” – I’m going to start a band and call it “Lt. House Music” and play crappy rock, just to see how they like it!
Magnetaphone, “Oh Darlin'” – Slow industrial sounds that are actually danceable, something I have not heard in quite a while.
Scanner, Simon Fisher Turner – Perhaps I lack an appreciation for house music, but there is ABSOLUTELY NO DISCERNABLE DIFFERENCE between the last two songs!
Thumbs up for Buffalo Tom, the Delgados, Divine Styler, and Laika. On the downside, the label seems to be producing a lot of trendy (and forgettable) music. This comp only served to strengthen my belief that much electronica is this generation’s disco. Anybody got some Ecstasy for me? I’ll bet the review turns out different!