rebuilthangertheory – Rival of the Cold

Rival of the Cold

Some of you are going to immediately classify rebuilthangartheory as an emo band based on the band name. There are some comparisons to be made here to bands like Mineral and Sunny Day Real Estate, but there’s more going on here than emotional melodic rock. I’m tempted to say that there’s more of an indie rock feel to these songs, but that doesn’t tell you much.

rebuilthangartheory play some very nice music. They incorporate melodic yet not twinkly guitars, strong bass lines and impressive, slightly jazzy, slightly math-rock drumming. The songs take on something of a lighter, more relaxed, summertime feel. The vocals remind me at times of Lazycain, at others of Braid, but picture those two bands combined with, say, Karate, and you get more of a sense of where rebuilthangartheory are going.

“Shark Fin Tube” starts off the album on a lighter, slightly poppy note. With nice, melodic guitar and a focus more on the instrumentation than the vocals, this song really flows nicely, rocking in places and subtle in others. “Hata Hiva” has a much lighter feel, particularly from drumming that is almost jazzy at times. And it flows nicely into the more poppy “The Leaning Tower of Kolodij.” Then the rock quotient picks up a bit, really flowing nicely with crisp guitars and great bass on the instrumental “Faux Crier (The Glycerine Tear),” which really shows the talents of this band, and the more mid-paced “Calls to Yonder” reminds me most of Braid here. “Citrabloom” shows off a quiet, more somber song, with female vocals added nicely. There’s some really nice imagery on the quieter “Dying Breed of Arrows” and something of a lazy feel, and “Swages in the Sun” definitely has a late Braid feel to it. And the closer, “Chalkstorm,” is one of the best tracks, taking a very light and even poppy feel, very nice.

It’s hard to describe rebuilthangartheory’s blend of indie rock, pop, and Braid-esque math-rock emo. And couple all that with light rhythms and airy feels. It’s an interesting mix, one that appears very original on some songs and more comfortable on others. This is nice stuff, though. It flows well and contains nice, sometimes cryptic imagery and lyrics. Definitely worth a listen.