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Orange Beauties – Relax with Orange Beauties EP

Orange BeautiesRelax with Orange Beauties EPEverything about this album feels old. The pictures on the front and back have a 70's-tinged realism, the band's name evokes bands from the 60's and 70's, and the songs themselves feel old at first listen. But don't fret, because this is not a re-issue of a 70's import or a modern release from a tired old … [Read more...]

Various Artists – One Bag, Two Lumps, Three Cozies

Various ArtistsOne Bag, Two Lumps, Three CoziesBeggars Banquet - You have entered the presence of the Almighty Compilation Disk High Executioner! Today none shall be spared! Badly Drawn Boy, "Once Around the Block" - It sounds like a Cristopher Cross outtake, but that's just me. Nigo, "Freediving" - Relaxing elecro-pop song, the sort of thing … [Read more...]

Lilys – Selected EP

LilysSelected EPWow. Although this is merely a five song EP, I'm floored, thrilled, and converted. I also wonder how it is that I didn't know about these guys long ago; major cool points lost there. I feel that if I describe the sound, it won't be adequate, but since reviewing this here record is my job, I'll try. Imagine Kevin Shields applying the … [Read more...]

The Waxwings – Low to the Ground

The WaxwingsLow to the GroundKnowing that record companies occasionally overstate the relative talents of the musicians on their roster, it is forgivable that the folks at the Bobsled label have taken to touting The Waxwings as “soon to become one of rock history’s greatest bands.” Though it’s hard to know exactly how serious to take this claim, it … [Read more...]

The Limes – Turn Your Lights Off

The LimesTurn Your Lights OffHush! Don't tell anyone. I really, really, need you to keep this a secret. You see, I'm a snobby record reviewer. I hate Creed. I loved the new Radiohead record. I've got a reputation to protect here. I've just got this problem. There's this band called The Limes. They remind me more of the Wallflowers or Better than … [Read more...]

The Dismemberment Plan – Denver – The Raven, CO – 2000-11-20

The Dismemberment PlanWhere: Denver - The Raven, CO.When: 2000-11-20The last time the Plan played Denver, Travis, the energetic lead singer of this unique DC band, got a little upset. During the band's last song, two people decided it would be fun to grab each other and throw themselves around in the crowd. When they almost knocked over Travis' … [Read more...]

The Places – The Autopilot Knows You Best

The PlacesThe Autopilot Knows You BestYou know, I didn't really like this album the first few times I listened to it. I thought it was more slow-core style ballad-rock with a female singer. It didn't really jump out at me. But sometimes the best albums don't. And as I gave The Places a chance, I began to see the complexities, the subtleties, the … [Read more...]

rebuilthangertheory – Rival of the Cold

rebuilthangertheoryRival of the ColdSome of you are going to immediately classify rebuilthangartheory as an emo band based on the band name. There are some comparisons to be made here to bands like Mineral and Sunny Day Real Estate, but there's more going on here than emotional melodic rock. I'm tempted to say that there's more of an indie rock … [Read more...]

Wow & Flutter – Confessions EP

Wow & FlutterConfessions EPOne song, 21 minutes in length, "Confessions" was recorded for the film by the same name earlier this year. Wow & Flutter is a Portland area band that plays a style of music that falls somewhere between the instrumentation of a band like Godspeed You Black Emperor! and the sparse and predominantly acoustic sounds of … [Read more...]

Magnétophone – I Guess Sometimes I Need to Be Reminded of How Much You Love Me

MagnétophoneI Guess Sometimes I Need to Be Reminded of How Much You Love Me This is a tough album, not just to review, but to listen to. It's even tough to figure out how exactly you're supposed to pronounce the band name, what with the little "é" in there. This group of strictly electronic instrumentals, composed by Matt Saunders and … [Read more...]