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Paul & Lara – “Action” b/w “Roundagon” 7″

Paul & Lara"Action" b/w "Roundagon" 7"Paul and Lara McAdams are brother and sister. Isn't that cool? I sure couldn't be in a band with my sister. I think we'd end up killing each other. But, I imagine that close of a relationship would definitely carry over into a band setting. Paul and Lara do have a nice relationship, … [Read more...]

Suplex – Radio Transport – Are You Leaving?

SuplexRadio Transport - Are You Leaving?Heads up everyone: there are two bands using the name "Suplex." One of these bands is from the Man's Ruin camp, plays heavy riff rock and is spelled "Suplecs." The other, spelled "Suplex," plays shoegazing, vaguely British-sounding rock, and apparently is no longer around. Although I prefer the pile-driving … [Read more...]

Aaron Scholz – Perfect Child

Aaron ScholzPerfect ChildFalling between the cracks of categorization, Aaron Scholz's unassuming brand of AM radio country-folk beautifully sidesteps any of the redundancies associated with the current crop of alternative country and contemporary folk artists. In fact, the lo-fi production and understated pop melodies of these burnt old tales of … [Read more...]

The Prom – In This Way They Found Me

The PromIn This Way They Found MeSurprisingly, The Prom's music is actually somewhat like a high school dance. To be more precise, it's sort of like the dorky kid at the dance. When those fast, shake-your-ass dance songs come on, the kid looks his part - the dork. All of his missteps and stumbles seem awkward and clumsy. People tend to stay away … [Read more...]

Mohinder – Everything

MohinderEverythingI think I've been avoiding reviewing this band's discography for a while, not because I don't like it, but because it's hard to really describe Mohinder. These songs were all recorded between 1993 and 1994, and they showcase one of the bands that seem to really have had an impact on the style of emotional and frenzied hardcore. On … [Read more...]

Mus – S/T

MusS/TEasily one of the most beautiful albums that I've heard this year, if not ever, Mus' self-titled CD, which culls tracks from their 1997 and 1998 EPs and adds a few new ones as well, has hardly left my CD player lately. Technically, we review rock albums here. But Mus is not a rock album, even if its music is somewhat rooted in the rock genre. … [Read more...]

Rainy Day Regatta – The Music is On

Rainy Day RegattaThe Music is On When I listened to the first Tristeza album - I think that was the time when I felt there was a shift in independent music away from loud and angry to quiet and lovely. I mentioned it in that review, and since then, there has been a return to acoustic guitar and instrumental pieces. Maybe it was there all along and … [Read more...]

Suplex – Split 7"

SuplexSplit 7" You might guess from the space map on the cover of this release and the name of the bands that this is going to be some unique stuff. Both bands play a style of indie rock that takes on a very spacey, otherworldly feel through the use of unique guitar work and synthesizers. Add to that some unconventional approaches to vocals … [Read more...]

The Ivory Coast – "Lake Placid 1986" b/w "Soledad" 7"

The Ivory Coast"Lake Placid 1986" b/w "Soledad" 7" I've never heard of The Ivory Coast before, but this release is strong enough to make me seek out their preceding full-length album. The band combines stellar drumming and impeccable guitar to create a subtly grooving and lovely style of rock. These two songs have something … [Read more...]

The Goodbye Letter – S/T

The Goodbye LetterS/TOk, so here are my unsolicited comments regarding Christian musicians: good for you. Faith is important. Regarding Christian music, fine. Some of the most beautiful and uplifting music ever created is gospel and choir music. Religious ceremonies and gatherings wouldn't be the same without the songs. However, when Christian … [Read more...]