The Evergreen Trio – For All Intents and Purposes

The Evergreen Trio
For All Intents and Purposes

Everyone is using keyboards and other electronic elements these days. It gets so a band that uses traditional guitar/bass/drums sounds incomplete, doesn’t it? While using these new-fangled elements to mix things up isn’t a bad thing, most bands don’t do it appropriately. The Evergreen Trio, however, puts the focus on their traditional rock instrumentation first and uses electronic elements as backing noise or supporting elements. And they do it very well.
You’ve probably guessed from the band name that I’m going to use the word emo in this review. The Evergreen Trio play a brand of midwestern emo-style rock that I still can’t get enough of, especially when done sincerely and without apology. Think the melodic guitar styles of Mineral with off-kilter vocals ala Davey Von Bohlen and the changing rhythm of Joan of Arc. Then throw in some keyboards and samplings and couple it all with tight, immaculate performance and unabashed sincerity and honesty. That’s why I love this so much.
Turn the volume up as “These Gas State Roses Should Tell You Something” starts off quiet, with soft piano and melodic guitar over a low hum of noise. This lengthy song flows along at a slower pace, more pretty than rocking but putting most of the emphasis on the vocals, which really do hit some great high notes. “Cobblestone & Embassies” definitely has more of a Joan of Arc feel to it, especially in the lead and backing vocals, but it has a much more consistent and pop-style flow to it, with great percussion. The keyboards come in to provide a more hushed and contemplative mood on “Petals & Ashes,” and it flows seemlessly into the oddly named “Burt Bacharach Without Dreaming.” The percussion on “Dance, Academy, Dance!” makes this song, combining traditional drums and synthesized drums with some great guitar and just enough of a pop feel. This is definitely my favorite here, especially as the vocals soar. “A Few Less Sour” is probably the most intense song here, with the percussion really turning things up over a more underscored guitar line. The vocals literally shine on “O’ This Happiest Day,” soaring above everything and really driving this song. But the Mineral-esque guitars really drive the closer, “Will You Wake Me?”
I admit it – I love this band, and I love their style. This brand of music reminds me why I fell in love with that post-hardcore melodic style called emo. It’s all about the melodic guitar, the wonderful, flowing songs, the sincerity and honesty. And The Evergreen Trio are probably the best new emo band I’ve heard in so long. Sure, there are elements of a lot of other bands you’re probably already sick of here, but this band puts them together in a way that’s fresh and wonderful.