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The Handsome Family – Twilight

The Handsome FamilyTwilight Chances are, if you've heard of the Handsome Family, you're familiar with their reputation for slightly skewed slice-of-life stories delivered with a bizarre lack of irony and deadpan wit. Although that's largely an accurate appraisal, be warned. This isn't the normal indie-rock irony made popular by pop-culture … [Read more...]

The Silent Type – S/T EP

The Silent TypeS/T EP You know what the hardest thing about writing music reviews is? The fact that you probably won't go over and click on that e-mail address or website and order some of the albums that are so good. Why won't you buy The Silent Type based on my recommendation? Because it's self-released, for one, and because you've probably never … [Read more...]

Zuexeus – S/T

ZuexeusS/TI know very little about the band Zuexeus other than the fact that the singer of the band, Chris Murray, was the singer for an excellent mid-90's emo-core band named Cornelius and the fact that Zuexeus is symmetrical. I also think this album was released in 1997, but release dates don't really matter, right? I also know this album kicks … [Read more...]

Schema – S/T

SchemaS/TSchema is actually a side project of the entire band Hovercraft aided on vocals by Stereolab's Mary Hansen. Fans of either band will, no doubt, fall in love with the moody and atmospheric sounds of Schema. Although, it's best to note that Schema does take a more relaxing and musically fluid feel than either of the two bands mentioned … [Read more...]

Zero Boys – Vicious Circle

Zero BoysVicious CircleAnyone who reads my reviews knows I'm not a big fan of punk-rock. It takes a really unique band to win me over in that style. So when I popped in Vicious Circle, I was floored. This stuff was great. This is what punk is supposed to be all about. I wasn't surprised, but a bit disappointed, to find out that this is the … [Read more...]

Rainy Day Regatta – Living as We Do in the Midst of So Much Ordered Light and Noise EP

Rainy Day RegattaLiving as We Do in the Midst of So Much Ordered Light and Noise EPUnfortunately, the title of this three-song, one-sided LP is almost longer than the music itself. And the reason that's so unfortunate is because these are three of the most beautiful and enjoyable songs you could possibly want to hear. This release has no cover art, … [Read more...]

Little Man – Core of Discovery

Little ManCore of Discovery Little Man seem to be stuck in the 1970s in a way that most 1970s artists who are still recording today seem to be. But Little Man is a new band, so their excuse probably isn't quite as good. I'm guessing that the members of Chicago's Little Man grew up on equal parts Bob Dylan, The Who, The Beatles, and perhaps a little … [Read more...]

The Good Life – Novena on a Nocturn

The Good LifeNovena on a NocturnYou know Tim Kasher from his other project as lead singer and guitarist for Cursive. In that band, he poured his heart out to dynamic, powerful and emotional rock. The Good Life is his side project, and these nine songs are culled from dozens he has written that didn't suit Cursive. In fact, these songs are all so … [Read more...]

Wobbleshop – Bittergreen

WobbleshopBittergreenWhat's a Wobbleshop, you ask? Beats me, but it's a fun word to say. I think it has something to do with Weebles (they wobble, but don't fall down!). Anyway, Wobbleshop the band is from Southern California, and they play a style of pop mixed with acoustic/folk and countryish tendencies. But don't let those tendencies get in the … [Read more...]

Screaching Weasel – Teen Punks in Heat

Screaching WeaselTeen Punks in HeatHere's the new album from Chicago's Screeching Weasel. For those who are not familiar with this group, you could tell them that their new album sounds just like the Ramones, and they would probably thank you. (As a matter of fact, Screeching Weasel covered the Ramones' first album in sequence several years ago.) … [Read more...]