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Various Artists – Songs for the Geographically Challenged

Various ArtistsSongs for the Geographically ChallengedSounds of the Geographically Challenged is a compilation disk of bands whose members live in different states and cities. The songs were intended for release on a series of four 12" records, but instead all of the tracks were collected on one 66-minute CD. The album notes indicate that this … [Read more...]

Scientific – From the Nest of Idea EP

ScientificFrom the Nest of Idea EPScientific is another Chicago band playing indie pop with their own unique quirky style. Musically, the band falls somewhere between the playfulness of The Flaming Lips and the more moody moogy nature of The Magnetic Fields. There's a lot of ground between those bands, and Scientific bounces back and forth in … [Read more...]

Waawe – Timestorm Was the Signal

WaaweTimestorm Was the Signal Waawe are from the Czech Republic. What's that, you don't listen to music from outside of the US and possibly the UK? Then you're most certainly missing out on the best band that I've ever heard from eastern Europe. This band with the hard to pronounce name plays a very powerful blend of post-prog-hardcore with … [Read more...]

H. Chinaski – Smaller Size Jar with an Idea

H. ChinaskiSmaller Size Jar with an IdeaBefore recording Smaller Size Jar With an Idea, H. Chinaski have been playing together for nearly 10 years. That's a long time, and, somehow, I had heard nothing of this Oshkosh, Wisc. band until recently. It's unfortunate, because this full-length, released last year, contains some of the best and most … [Read more...]

Sigur Rós – Aegytis Byrjun

Sigur RósAegytis Byrjun Inspiration has recently become a lacking institution in rock music. For at least the past decade (and arguments could be made for further backtracking), rock music has both failed to be inspired and failed to inspire. Though there are obvious exceptions, gone are the days when the Beatles could find inspiration … [Read more...]

The White Octave – Style No. 6312

The White OctaveStyle No. 6312The White Octave's name has come up as featuring an ex-member of Cursive - really, the ex-member of Cursive since the rest of the band is back together. Stephen Pedersen, former guitarist of Cursive, plays guitar and sings for The White Octave, and, in truth, the dynamics of power and emotion that were evident in … [Read more...]

Oranger – Split 7"

OrangerSplit 7"Damn if this isn't the hottest slab of pop-rock to come across my turntable in a long, long time. Split 7"s are fun, because you get two songs from two bands. They're quick, so they have to make their point fast. And these two bands do it. Alien Crime Syndicate features ex-Meices frontman Joe Reineke on guitar and vocals, so you … [Read more...]

Him Kerosene – Split 7"

Him KeroseneSplit 7"Two Swedish bands playing power-pop rock in a vein that will go over big in the US on one fantastic split 7" of clear white vinyl. Who could ask for anything more? One thing I've noticed about bands that play similar styles of rock to what I'm digging in the US - they're usually about two years behind. But that's definitely … [Read more...]

Brazen – Brazen / Kevlar Split 2xMCD

BrazenBrazen / Kevlar Split 2xMCDNow this is neat. A split EP, two songs from each band, only it's not on a single CD or even a 7". It's on two separate mini 3" CDs, packaged together in different colors and a very unique and slick envelope. Maybe this has been done before, but I've never seen it. Bravo to the Switzerland label Snuff for turning … [Read more...]

H. Chinaski – S/T EP

H. ChinaskiS/T EPProbably the best EP by the best band no one has ever heard of, these three songs will guarantee to kick your ass. This EP contains the last songs recorded by Oshkosh, Wisc. band H. Chinaski, a trio of powerful, emotional post-hardcore rock that is so damn good, you're going to kick yourself for never having heard of them. I know I … [Read more...]