Mike G – Sugar Daddy

Mike G
Sugar Daddy

Mike G delivers this neat little record and comes across as some kind of 4-track hero. A lot of people try to release home recorded disks, but if the songs aren’t there, it just ends up as crap that sounds like crap. It seems like most people that attempt it fail, but judging by the amount of basement-tape stuff I’ve heard lately, failure isn’t stopping anyone from trying it anyhow.
Luckily for us, Mike G is a really good pop songwriter, and the lo-fi sounds actually make this one more appealing. If you can appreciate Ween’s more tuneful moments but you can’t take their forays into the stupid and scatological, you should go out and get this, because you’ll dig it. There’s also plenty of Beatles borrowing, and I can hear some hints of classic glam in there, too. And although the tracks are often crusty and noisy, the meticulous arrangement and performances (including piano on a few cuts) indicate that this was a fully realized project. Mike G clearly knows his way around a 4-track.
While the disk is decent, it looses steam near the end. I hate to compare this disk to Ween again, but I’m going to. (I feel justified because “Frederique” is a song with bad Spanish lyrics. I believe Ween has a patent on that gag.) Ween owes much of their success to the sheer variety of music they are simultaneously mocking and praising. Mike G pretty much shows the listener all of his tricks on the first eight cuts. (Although if there were any justice in this world, track 14, “I’m So Into You,” would be a major radio hit.) But the good tracks here make Mike G someone to pay attention to in the future. I would recommend this to anyone who likes pop music.