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Shutdown – Few and Far Between

ShutdownFew and Far BetweenI handed my ticket to the muscular security guard at the club's door. It was a cold fall night in New York, but I was about to see a whole bunch of New York hardcore bands play. I pushed my way through the almost entirely male audience, everyone wearing mock-basketball jerseys of their favorite bands. Everyone was wearing … [Read more...]

The Stryder – Masquerade in the Key of Crime

The StryderMasquerade in the Key of CrimeI'm not sure if The Stryder took their band name from the video game Stryder, which was one of my favorites growing up, but I'm going to assume they did. Like that game, which involved running around with a scythe like weapon-thing (and I'm showing off my geekness here, apparently), The Stryder kicks ass. I … [Read more...]

The Operacycle – Warmer

The OperacycleWarmerI love bands that use unconventional instruments without making inaccessible music. The Black Heart Procession is a good example, as is Cerberus Shoal. The Operacycle, which also has an equally good and unconventional name, have a list of about 30 instruments used on this album, and they add (and maybe more). These include … [Read more...]

Chris McFarland – Distance for Departure

Chris McFarlandDistance for DepartureChris McFarland describes his style of music "angry folk." I like the sound of that, but I don't think this album is really a folk album, and thus you should continue reading this review. Rather than being a folk album, although there is quite a bit of the folk-inspired sound, I'd call McFarland's work that of a … [Read more...]

Kilowatthours – Strain of Positive Thinking

KilowatthoursStrain of Positive ThinkingThere's been a lot of hype about the new Elliott album this year, and as much as it's not valid to compare Kilowatthours to Elliott other than a former member of Elliott is in this band, it's still on my mind. So, Elliott's new album is the mainstream album that we knew they'd make but hoped they wouldn't, … [Read more...]

Gameface – Always On

GamefaceAlways OnI've never been the biggest Gameface fan, to be honest, although I've heard a lot of their music over the past decade or so. There's always been something about their sound that said to me: "Yes, we grew up in Orange County, Calif., and we're supposed to be punk, but we're really radio-friendly rock." They distinguished themselves … [Read more...]

Silent Radio – Rhythm and Glue Smokey City Sweet New Age Soul Music

Silent RadioRhythm and Glue Smokey City Sweet New Age Soul MusicDon't ask Silent Radio to describe what kind of music they play, because they'll only give you the title of their new album. And don't mention that smoky is spelled wrong, because they know it. Things like that aren't apparently important to this Pittsburgh band. So what kind of … [Read more...]

Olivia Tremor Control – Presents: Singles and Beyond

Olivia Tremor ControlPresents: Singles and BeyondOK, one thing you have to know about me as a reviewer is that I'm not coming to this review unbiased. I am an unabashed fan of The Olivia Tremor Control. Their Black Foliage album from a couple of years ago was nothing short of a revelation for me. That having been said, let's get on with the … [Read more...]

Yuji Oniki – Orange

Yuji OnikiOrangeOccasionally, when I get sent these promos, I leave them out by the stereo at my place. This record came with a sticker on the outside proclaiming, "Featuring members of Guided By Voices and Beulah." I figured one of my roommates would end up listening to the record due to the sticker. Sure enough, my roommate left a note with his … [Read more...]

Various Artists – Chic-a-Go-Go Soundtrack / The Best of Chic-a-Go-Go (video)

Various ArtistsChic-a-Go-Go Soundtrack / The Best of Chic-a-Go-Go (video)Chic-a-Go-Go might just be the first cable access show to have a soundtrack, and now it has viewership outside of its hometown of Chicago. So what is Chic-a-Go-Go? Maybe one of the strangest shows on television. I mean, it's hosted by a sock puppet named Ratso (who I now … [Read more...]