What About George – Just a Touch EP

What About George
Just a Touch EP

What About George, anyway? WAG is a Boston band that knows how to have fun. These are five fun, driving pop-rock songs (and a Christmas carol!) lead by some impressive drumming (by George) and shared vocals between the whole band. Ok, it’s not the most original stuff in the world, and it’s not very recent, unfortunately, but it’s definitely catchy, and it’s fast enough to keep you interested, and the band is talented. And they know how to rock.

It all kicks off with a high-pitched yowl, “yiii-iii-iiiii,” followed by the drums kicking in. “Going Nowhere” is a fun pop-rock song, driven by the excellent percussion and some decent guitar, enough to keep you bobbing your head. And listen to that guitar solo interlude, just wailing away. “I’ve Tried” has an almost sultry, sly groove to its rock, kind of like some early Stones material. The guitar here is superb, rocking and fast. “G-Spot” starts with some almost surfing guitar riffs and some double vocals, a more straight-forward, bob-your-head summer rocker with some silly lyrics. “Nothing At All” slows things down a bit and gets more serious, with some heavy bass lines and an emphasis on the vocals, but it doesn’t lose its poppy rhythm. “Filler” is pretty much just that, just some guitar and drum meanderings that are pretty and somewhat jazzy. And then you get “Christmas Day,” the requisite Christmas carol that every other band seems to forget about. It’s a fun song, with some rocking guitar licks and steady rhythm and a catchy chorus you’ll want to sing around the tree while playing the air guitar and jamming. The vocal stylings remind me of that Kinks Christmas song. Whee!

I guess the main complaint is that What About George only have five normal songs here, all pretty straight ahead and short. It’s an EP that leaves you wanting more, especially if you’re listening to this as you’re driving in the heat, letting the songs mix with the sound of the road. Sure, it’s not the most original stuff, and it’s not the best rock ever, but, hey, it’s catchy and fun, and that counts for something.