Try.Fail.Try – We Deal in Lives EP

We Deal in Lives EP

This six-song EP is brutal hardcore music, the type that seems to be really popular in the state of New Jersey. There seems to be a bottomless well of hardcore energy in the Garden State, and as long as there are angry kids in the suburbs, there’s probably no end in sight. True to most bands in the genre, they don’t stray too far from the model: nasty distorted guitars, intense drumming, and shouted vocals that wouldn’t have sounded out of place on the Misfits’ Earth A.D. However, one thing that sets this band apart is that they have the instinct to give the listener’s ears a break in many of the songs by including short quiet sections. This is a welcome change, and it probably goes over well live, but the problem with this tactic is that it is hard to paste anything that isn’t loud into a hardcore tune without it sounding forced or out of place. Do clean guitars reminiscent of the Police really belong in hardcore punk?
The intriguing component of this record is found in the lyrics. Try.Fail.Try have the hardcore finger- pointing down pat, but instead of self- righteously assaulting those outside the hardcore scene (who will never really hear the message anyway), the band turns the digit on their own fans. In the song “No Defeat Through Loss,” their distaste (or perhaps concern) for their scene is quite apparent. “What can we really say we do beside (sic) wow fourteen to twenty-two?” “I’m sick of your grandstanding politics – I’d like to see you engage the enemy/ Start worrying about your future – and stop pointing fingers at me.” These guys know that hardcore bands are largely preaching to the converted, and a little wake-up call will benefit the kids far beyond the days of going to shows to get scene points. Right on. Try.Fail.Try has done a good job of saying something a bit different in a very restrictive genre.