The Persons – S/T

The 80’s – some people just can’t let them go. This is pretty obvious since every radio station in the country seems to have some sort of lunchtime flashback hour. The Persons probably crouch around the office radio everyday at noon to eat their lunches, listening in for inspiration. There is a distinct 80’s feel on this CD: keyboards, poppy drumbeats, and even Robert Smith-like vocals. The Persons sound like they could easily fit right into the soundtrack of any number of John Hughes movies.

Apparently, these Philly residents were once part of another band that must have had some local notoriety. Everywhere their name was printed, in parentheses next to it there was “formerly the Lainmeyers.” Some parts of the press release made it out like the name of the band was actually “The Lainmeyers are Persons.”

Whoever the hell these 80 lovin’ fools are, they know how to write some catchy pop songs. Dated though they are, songs like “A Reference to the Sirens” and “If Music be the Bowl of Love” are damn fine little gems.

One minute I feel Devo in this band, and the next the ghost of Elvis Costello comes through. Synthesizer-injected indie pop-punk is what this is. The Person’s do a very good job with their modern day interpretation of an era now gone. It almost makes you want to drink Tab. They sure sound like they loaded up on something chock-full of caffeine. The Person’s are brimming with a youthful exuberance and are armed with some very well crafted pop ditties. So watch out, because even if you hated the 80’s and are glad they are over, The Person’s might very well make you change your mind.