Polline – Parallel Canvas

Parallel Canvas

The Box Car Records website describes Polline, named after a beekeeping term as, “Guitars + pedals make noisy sonic pop youth soup.” Well, that’s one way to put it.
Polline have a myriad of sounds: guitars that are loud and twangy, pounding sharp drums, and lyrics spoken more than they are sung. Within seconds of the first song, “Silver Flake Spray Paintm” Polline cut right to the chase about letting you know that they are abundantly aware of how to make good old fashioned chaotic and rowdy rock music.

Another added bonus to this four-piece band is that there are male and female vocals, alternating as well as overlapping at times. Multi-faceted. Just as soon as they were gritty and noisy and abrasive, Polline turn around and become mellow and passive. Songs like “Pretty Fuzzy Tasty Hazy” show that this band is capable of more than one sound and style. Within each song, there is some section that digresses from the main theme for just long enough to make sure you are paying attention and then right back to where they started.

Parallel Canvas is Polline’s second record to date. The influence of several cardinal rock outfits comes to mind: The Dismemberment Plan, Unwound, Mocket, Blonde Red Head, even The Lapse. That isn’t to say that Polline is ripping them off, but they are ranking right up there with them. Within the too short disc of six songs, musical influences and random stellar musical moments are heard.

For every little no-name band that made a brave attempt at sounding as good as their musical idols, but never did – Polline is your patron saint. They are the band that let the little people know that it is possible to sound as good as your influences without sounding exactly like them. Polline have their own unique take on junky, ferocious, sonic rock, and it’s a hell of a take at that.