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Orchid – Split 7"

OrchidSplit 7"The only problem with a split 7" from bands like Orchid and The Red Scare, especially one that runs at 45 rpm, is that it's over before you even know it. Both band are capable of playing so damn fast, so heavy, that the whole album can be done before you get your hearing back. That's right, these are two of the tightest yet most … [Read more...]

Paris, Texas – Brazilliant! EP

Paris, TexasBrazilliant! EPJust when I had pretty much given up on Paris, Texas, they release this, their newest EP and their best songs yet. You see, I saw the band before their first album was released, and I was impressed with the sheer energy and rock enthusiasm the youthful band was getting across. But then their full-length came out, and it … [Read more...]

Polline – Parallel Canvas

PollineParallel CanvasThe Box Car Records website describes Polline, named after a beekeeping term as, "Guitars + pedals make noisy sonic pop youth soup." Well, that's one way to put it. Polline have a myriad of sounds: guitars that are loud and twangy, pounding sharp drums, and lyrics spoken more than they are sung. Within seconds of the first … [Read more...]

Small Brown Bike – Our Own Wars

Small Brown BikeOur Own WarsSometimes, an album's first song can make all of the difference. The first song is crucial in grabbing the listener's ear. After all, a bad first impression is tough to overcome. For an example, I will share with you an embarrassing secret. When I first bought Pavement's Slanted and Enchanted, I really didn't like it … [Read more...]

Contender – Denver – The Bluebird Theater, CO – 2000-08-21

ContenderWhere: Denver - The Bluebird Theater, CO.When: 2000-08-21There are two shows, generally, that are always good for every band. Their first show of the tour and their last show of the tour are typically their most inspired, either because they're full of energy in the former case or because they know they can crash soon in the latter. Samiam … [Read more...]

Portrait – S/T

PortraitS/TPortrait's self-titled album, which is apparently their 10" and 7" records together, excites me more than almost any hardcore band I've heard in a while. For while a lot of hardcore bands out there know how to play their instruments fast and scream incoherently, few make it an art-form. The one thing that Portrait remembers is that it's … [Read more...]

Various Artists – The Unaccompanied Voice: An a Capella Compilation

Various ArtistsThe Unaccompanied Voice: An a Capella CompilationMany people may not even know what a capella music is, but the concept of music made entirely by voice, no instrumentation involved at all, is hundreds of years old. Still if not for Bobby McFerrin's little summertime diddy and the occasional street performer, most people would never … [Read more...]

Flare – Circa EP

FlareCirca EPDid you ever hear someone describe a band and then never be able to get it out of your head when you listen to them? I've heard Flare described as chamber pop, and that label stuck in my head. What the hell is chamber pop anyway? The 7" I reviewed by them was more of a dark, somber, slow-core style of music. Well, all I kept thinking … [Read more...]

SkullSkullSkull – Denver – Double Entendre, CO – 2000-08-18

SkullSkullSkullWhere: Denver - Double Entendre, CO.When: 2000-08-18Young indie and punk kids must love it when bands come to little record stores. After all, most of the bands that come to Denver and have enough indie credibility to not sell out the larger venues play at the 15th St. Tavern or, possibly, the Lion's Lair. Both are bars and only have … [Read more...]

The Turn Offs – S/T 12"

The Turn OffsS/T 12"The surprising thing about this album is that it's in the 12" heavy vinyl format. Why, with four songs at 45 rpm, does it have to be in 12" when a 7" would obviously do. Oh, silly me, it's for the DJs, at least that's what Paroxysm intends. And I can see it, a crowded club, a DJ puts on The Turn Offs, and the crowd looks … [Read more...]