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Unit F – Hollow City

Unit FHollow CityHello, class. It's just about time for all of you prospective college students out there to take your SAT tests. That's why we're going to spend today's class reviewing how to take a standardized test. Fill out your name. Yes, excellent, put your address there as well. Now why don't we take a crack at some sample problems? First a … [Read more...]

Rev. Neil Down – American Friend

Rev. Neil DownAmerican FriendWell, you know an artist has a long and respected history when his bio takes up at least four pages, front and back. Rev. Neil Down has certainly been around for a while, playing with blues artists, rock bands, solo and with other projects. And now this Alaskan is back with American Friend, and joining him on stand-up … [Read more...]

The Persons – S/T

The PersonsS/TThe 80's - some people just can't let them go. This is pretty obvious since every radio station in the country seems to have some sort of lunchtime flashback hour. The Persons probably crouch around the office radio everyday at noon to eat their lunches, listening in for inspiration. There is a distinct 80's feel on this CD: … [Read more...]

Try.Fail.Try – We Deal in Lives EP

Try.Fail.TryWe Deal in Lives EP This six-song EP is brutal hardcore music, the type that seems to be really popular in the state of New Jersey. There seems to be a bottomless well of hardcore energy in the Garden State, and as long as there are angry kids in the suburbs, there's probably no end in sight. True to most bands in the genre, they don't … [Read more...]

Various Artists – Smokeylung Recordings Compilation, Vol. 1

Various ArtistsSmokeylung Recordings Compilation, Vol. 1You might say that Smokeylung Recordings has had a busy year. It is, after all, their first year on a national scale, and they seem to be doing everything they can to get the word out - outside of holding up college radio stations by force. Maybe this is why every review site on the web seems … [Read more...]

Laughing Colors – The Night Electric Died

Laughing ColorsThe Night Electric DiedYou likely haven't heard of them, but Laughing Colors have been one of the best bands in Baltimore, Md. for the past several years. Fans in Baltimore, Washington, Virginia and Pennsylvania flocked to their shows, usually in small bars or the smaller concert venues, and those die-hard fans knew every word of the … [Read more...]

Pele – The Nudes

PeleThe NudesI've been hearing quite a few bands try to do the instrumental rock thing lately, and those that can't be simply lumped into the center of all sounding the same at least try to take a different approach. What makes Pele so interesting and able to stand out from the pack is the trio's incorporation of a very free, very jazzy style into … [Read more...]

Mojave 3 – Excuses for Travellers

Mojave 3Excuses for TravellersApparently, there has been a big revival in fans of Nick Drake, the British folk singer from the 1960's, because of brief clips in Volkswagon commercials and indie films. That sounds like the perfect excuse for bands that play a similar style of melancholy and restrained folk-pop to break out into the mainstream. And … [Read more...]

Ida – Will You Find Me

IdaWill You Find Me Oh, this is nice. See, every day when I get to work, I like to put some music on that's quiet and non-stressful. Generally, it's something instrumental like Tristeza, but Ida's newest full-length is perfect for that use. See, this album is chock-full of about the softest and sweetest indie pop numbers you're going to hear all … [Read more...]

Run Devil Run – Sinking Deeper

Run Devil RunSinking DeeperWell, this hardcore album by a group of misfits from various hardcore bands has ended up on my platter. It is a side project for these members, as described by the info sheet: they are all from various bands coming together to inflict havoc and speak to the memory of the Cro-Mags and Bad Brains...Or so it reads. And … [Read more...]