Sun Luca – Works 1993-99

Sun Luca
Works 1993-99

One of the interesting things about the Internet is the ability to learn about and get in touch with bands from all over the world. And it works both ways, as one of the members of Sun Luca from Austria got in touch to get some feedback on their recordings. Now, before you expect a slick production, these guys did all the recording themselves and burned out the CDs, so production quality is lacking in many parts.

So, these guys are a rock band, and they admit to being influenced by rock bands that they like. I’ve always noticed how rock in parts of Europe seems to be a few years behind the US, not in quality but in what style is in favor. This stuff would have been what all the garage rock bands in the US were playing around 1991, a slightly metal-influenced garage-rock sound that spawned bands like Mother Love Bone, Mudhoney, and some of the metal bands that followed in the steps of Megadeth and Metallica. These guys mix those styles and do a pretty adequate job.

And things kick off positively, with “Never Blame a Runaway” sounding vaguely Cheap Trick-ish with a bit more energy. “Touch of Hope” has something of a Dream Theater feel about it, very dark and going from slow to a more metal chorus. “Drinking Song” is the most fun here, showing off a slightly Irish-rock leaning, if you could picture that. And “Education” has an almost PIL – maybe the Clash – feel to it, just with a lot more bass drums. “Deep Valley” is another fun song, almost a beer-drinking party song that reminds me a bit of the Pogues. And “Call My Name” finishes nicely with a nice straight-ahead rock quality.

So, ok, Sun Luca might have to adapt a bit more to fit today’s post-grunge era in the states, but remember that this stuff was recordings since 1993. Despite some mediocre drumming, these guys are probably a big hit in their neck of the woods, and I know a lot of bars in our neck of the woods that would be glad to have them belting out the rock.