Sloppy Meateaters – Shameless Self-Promotion

Sloppy Meateaters
Shameless Self-Promotion

Oh great, another Southern California pop-punk band with enough attitude and the desire to play three-chord punk and get laid. Can you say Blink 182? Ah, but wait a minute, on second listen, this is a lot better. On third listen, I’m rocking out. It’s pop-punk alright, but I have really come to dig this album.

Sloppy Meateaters, despite the joke name and the fact that none of the members are over 22, are getting some early fame in their career, scoring a spot on on the USA Network. So other people are giving them enough of a chance to get into their music too. Yeah, it sounds similar. It’s SoCal punk-rock, fast and poppy and full of witty comments and attitude, more poppy than crazy. But there are elements of true brilliance here, as far as punk music can get anyway, with some great guitar work, strong vocals, and even better lyrics. And the band changes things up enough, some songs getting heavier into the punk realm, and some just rocking all out.

This album starts off so strong with “Another Friend,” I can’t help but get into it. The brooding punk picks up steadily, gaining in fury and power. Then the vocals kick in, all nasaly but cool, singing, “my enemy is in my dreams.” Some of these songs like “Home,” “Outta Control,” and ” ” all sound rather typical, straight-ahead pop-punk ala Fat Wreck bands and crowd-favorites Blink 182. “I Sing Like a Girl” even has Blink 182 vocal inflections, sounding very familiar. “I wannabe in pop punk poser sell out band,” the singer belts out, ironically. But other songs change things up enough to get very interesting. “Explore the Obvious” has a heavier, edgy sound that reminds me somewhat of Social Distortion. The punk is turned on hard and heavy, blistering and ripping on “Mom,” reminding me of a cross between Bad Religion and NOFX. “What Did We Learn Today?” is pop-punk sped up a few notches, which is kinda cool. “Nobody Likes Me” is their witty, sarcastic song, but I can’t help but like it, as it’s incredibly catchy and poppy. “Hang On to Me” is harder, more fast-paced punk, more like NOFX than Blink 182, and “Shonka Tonk” is just damn silly.

Ok, these guys are still SoCal pop-punk, and thus it’s not going to be the kind of thing I can listen to all the time. But as far as those kinds of bands go, this is probably the best I’ve heard in a long time. They put Blink 182 to shame, proving they can play heavier, harder, and with more talent than most of their so-mentioned pop punk poser sell out bands.