Salvador Deli – S/T

Salvador Deli may have a gimmick name, but this music is anything but. I’m reminded instantly of music made by Tonya Donnelly and Juliana Hatfield in the early 1990s, when female singers and alternative rock seemed to go hand-in-hand, and it was all about making some really unique, lovely music. Ok, so this isn’t 1994, but this band does have a decidedly modern sound as well, brought on by layered guitars, an echoed effect to lead singer Machel’s downright gorgeous vocals, and snappy drumming. But it’s really the vocals that make this band so good and that make me fall in love just a bit every time I listen.

From the first notes of “Free,” I feel taken back to the early 1990s. The echoed vocals and the flowing style over layered guitars and impressive drumming really clicks with me, making this a lofty, beautiful song. “Wind” is a bit more poppy, and it brings to mind some of the lighter sounds from Black Tambourine or The Aislers Set. The band has a nice mix of acoustic guitars and electric guitars, showing off the latter on tracks like “Little Cricket,” and the former on songs like the lovely “Water,” made more lovely with some excellent backing vocals. I love the way Machel’s vocals go up and down, a very flowing, head-bobbing style in “Circles in the Sand.” “Doesn’t Really Matter” is another fun track, sped-up and featuring some excellent percussion, what songs like bongos. “Starsicle” comes off as a very spacey track, despite the crunchy electric guitars. Then you even have a wild, garage-rock track “Spaceship,” which is followed by another softer song, one of the most lovely pop songs on the album.

Salvador Deli’s sound could have been huge a few years back, but it’s still lovely today. This album is full of glorious, light pop songs with amazing vocals and a great atmosphere. And the band knows how to use their greatest asset: just check out all the photos of Machel on their website. First impression may be that they’re all about the look, the gimmick, but getting into the music will quickly prove that impression wrong.