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Slowcoach – New Strategies are Necessary, This is Not Solid Ground

SlowcoachNew Strategies are Necessary, This is Not Solid GroundGosh, do you remember the first time you heard Pavement's Slanted and Enchanted? I mean, honestly, can you think back that far? Remember how from the very first, perfect, fuzzy chord of "Summer Babe" you were hooked on lo-fi for life? It was so imperfect. Most groups searched for sonic … [Read more...]

Frenesi – Landmark Theater

FrenesiLandmark TheaterI was so happy. It was that time of the month again! Finally, finally, Jeff had sent me more promos! I rushed from the mailbox with the bundle into my room, like some crazed N'Sync fan who had just gotten tickets in the mail. I ripped open the package with clumsy, eager fingers and quickly began rifling through its contents. … [Read more...]

The Nerve Agents – Days of the White Owl

The Nerve AgentsDays of the White OwlThis album starts off as one thing and ends up as another. I'm started off frightened by the band's heavy makeup and dark, almost glaringly forbidding atmosphere, primarily brought about by their heavy, pulsating bass. It's not just punk rock these guys are playing but almost horror punk, trying to drip venom … [Read more...]

Various Artists – The Slightest Indication of Change

Various ArtistsThe Slightest Indication of ChangeI stumbled across this compilation, and, in fact, the Slowdance label, after researching some information about The Casket Lottery, who I also stumbled across accidently. It's all about serendipity. Anyway, this is one damn good emo compilation, featuring unreleased (or rare) tracks from most of … [Read more...]

Midsummer – Catch and Blur EP

MidsummerCatch and Blur EPAs far as self-released albums go, this is certainly the best done that I have seen. Beautiful, atmospheric artwork throughout is the perfect accompaniment for beautiful, atmospheric music within. I know virtually nothing about Midsummer except that my local indie store is pushing them because the owner likes the band, and … [Read more...]

M-16 – S/T

M-16S/TWhen I reviewed the album from Japan emo-core band Husking Bee, I complained that the music just didn't click with me because of the lyrics, which I thought were in the band's native Japanese. Later, I found out they were actually singing in English. But that can't be, because I couldn't understand a single word. It still doesn't click, now … [Read more...]

Lower East Side Stitches – STAJA98L.E.S.

Lower East Side StitchesSTAJA98L.E.S. Truth be told, I don't like punk all that much. Most of it, I'd say at least 95 percent of it, sounds exactly the same to me. Three or four chords, repeated very quickly, with the exact same drum beat over and over again, and a singer that thinks he's got attitude - that's all that punk is to me. But then … [Read more...]

Brian Wilson – Chicago – The Chicago Theater, IL – 2000-07-21

Brian WilsonWhere: Chicago - The Chicago Theater, IL.When: 2000-07-21I clearly have the world's greatest girlfriend: As a surprise gift, she bought us ninth-row tickets to see Brian Wilson perform Pet Sounds in its entirety with a full orchestra. I hadn't planned on going fearing the prohibitive cost, but she surprised me and took care of … [Read more...]

Angels Never Answer – Denver – The Raven, CO – 2000-07-21

Angels Never AnswerWhere: Denver - The Raven, CO.When: 2000-07-21This show was actually the CD release party for a local band called The Facet. The Facet played last, prompting an earlier end to Cadillac Blindside's show. This was unfortunate, because The Facet downright stunk up the joint. They were obviously playing more for power and fun than … [Read more...]

The Hot Snakes – Automatic Midnight

The Hot SnakesAutomatic MidnightCall it a super group, call it what you will, but when it all boils down to it, no matter what other bands the members of The Hot Snakes are in, Automatic Midnight is a rockin' record. Of course you can't listen to it and not hear The Drive Like Jehu and Rocket From The Crypt influences - that is just inevitable. Any … [Read more...]