Angels Never Answer – Denver – The Raven, CO – 2000-07-21

Angels Never Answer
Where: Denver – The Raven, CO.

When: 2000-07-21

This show was actually the CD release party for a local band called The Facet. The Facet played last, prompting an earlier end to Cadillac Blindside’s show. This was unfortunate, because The Facet downright stunk up the joint. They were obviously playing more for power and fun than any sort of talent. Their blend of hardcore, punk, and, frighteningly even, ska was tepid and unoriginal. But I only lasted half the show, and I was there to see the main two bands. Another local band opened up the night, but I missed them.

So, anyway, some background. The Raven used to be a gay club, apparently, but you wouldn’t know it by going there. It’s only real claim to fame is the giant disco ball that is always on, regardless of who’s playing (or not playing). This was an all-ages show, which means if you want to drink, you have to go through two bouncers into a tiny room at the very back of the place that looks like a store room. There, everyone over 21 gathered around one tiny table, hunched in the corners, and drank their two Budweisers. Every night, that club seems to have two Buds for $2. You just drink fast and get out for the music.

The crowd was pretty diverse. At least half were clearly metal/hardcore fans, or wanted to be. They were the ones with the sides of their head shaved, their t-shirts and jeans in tatters, and the ones who were leaping on the stage to shout along with the singer. Another significant portion were punk kids, or wannabe punk kids. I hadn’t seen so many Green Day shirts since 1994. And then there were the cute indie rock chicks. Damn, there were some cute indie rock chicks. Damn.

Anyway, Angels Never Answer are a fun band. They play a very metal version of hardcore that involves great amounts of screaming from the lanky, dread-locked lead singer, who proudly sported a very hardcore Donald Duck shirt. The best part about this band is that almost every song has a great melodic break-down section that is so damn good. Granted, their faster parts and screaming all sound very similar, but I imagine this band has great potential.

Cadillac Blindside are the greatest thing to happen to emo since The Get Up Kids’ Four Minute Mile. I was really hoping their live show would be a bit faster and more punk, and it was, to some degree. The four members of the band all looked young and all wore black, and one singer sported a shaggy afro. The sound was excellent, and the music downright rocked, fast paced but not too punk, just on the edge of being punk and throwing in all the right emo stylings.

Oddly enough, since the album just came out recently, most of the fans there really knew all the Cadillac Blindside songs, and many were shouting out requests. The band clearly loved it, and they were even going to play a song from their first 7″, which a fan requested, when they were told they had to end so The Facet could take the stage and proceed to scare everyone out.

Cadillac Blindside were clearly talented, both singers clearly putting quite a bit into the music and managing to sound very tight despite looking quite young. Their songs were just barely more punk versions of the ones on the album, a little louder and faster, but not too different. Although I still say they sound a bit too much like music that’s been done before, they played a great show, and they managed to sway the people I was with into each buying their new album.